Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rambling is the only thing I'm good at...

It seems that pictures speak louder then words in my life right now. Though I don't often have time to sit and journal what we are doing I do pick up my camera and snap away as much as possible. I love looking back on pictures, seeing the children as they grow. Looking at all the different things we have done together, firsts caught on film, special moments frozen forever. When memory fades, I will still have my pictures. I have grand ideas of getting them all printed {for I am devastatingly behind in that} and doing all sorts of amazing crafts with them, putting them in photo albums and scrapbooks to treasure for ever. Someday I hope to get around to that... Some day. Atty was so proud of himself for going down this slide all by himself, he went down it before Spike would, which was pretty impressive I must say! He is doing so well it's hard to believe he has a serious seizure disorder. You would never know. He is almost completely caught up developmentally, it's amazing!! I didn't think about him having a seizure, or freak out even once about him climbing around, the whole time we were at the park. When he was having his seizures just the idea of him at the park would send me into panic mode.

This isn't the best quality of picture, but Bubu's smile is so sincere I just had to post it. Lately it is so hard to get a good picture of him, he is either seemingly glaring or has a cheesy smile on his face... or running from the camera. This picture I had to take with my camcorder because my camera died and I was with out one for weeks! My camcorder doesn't have a flash so every picture I took had to be outside in order to really be able to see anything. Being with out my camera made me realize how often I am pulling it out. I'd be lost with out it. ;)

This little boy is a ham, he is always trying to get a laugh. He also has the most amazing eyes! I just recently cut his hair really short because more then once he was mistaken for a girl. I really have no idea why, he seems like such a boy to me, but I think maybe it was because of his absolutely beautiful eyes. Now that his head is shaved, I've not had a single person get confused about his boyness. He looks remarkable like his father, a little mini me.

I got to see my J-bird on his 16th birthday! I can hardly believe he's sixteen, I was sixteen when he was born! I was taking care of him when his mom wasn't around {which was a lot} at that age, it seems so young now. Time gone in the blink of an eye. It's so hard to get a good picture of him, this is the only one he was sort of smiling in. Sigh. I made him home made tortillas, and home made re fried beans and brought him all the toppings for super yummy soft tacos. He was thrilled. It was worth the very long drive and crazy cook-a-thon to hear how excited and thankful he was. He's such a sweetheart {when he's not being an evil teenager that is}. He lives with his sister {my SIL} and she just had a baby so I made her a bunch of food too, for the freezer and a monkey themed diaper cake that turned out super cute. It was a great trip. J just called me and thanked me again for the food and asked me to come down once a month and make tortillas and beans for him, silly kid. He knows the way to my heart... compliment my cooking. ;)

I take way too many pictures of this girl, I can't help myself. She is so full of sass and big personality. And her clothes are always so cute.

This hat belonged to one of the little girls in my daycare and when she out grew it she {as in her mom} passed it on to Lala. I see my little daycare girl when Lala wears it. They recently moved away and I'm really going to miss her. The adorable hat hides Lala's bald head quite nicely.

Atty and his ducka-ducka... he still loves that duck. It even went to the hospital with him, and continues to sleep in his bed. I wonder for how much longer? I'll admit when he no longer needs his ducka-ducka I'll feel a little sad.

My girl fell in love with these Bob the Builder boots. Much to the dismay of a good friend of mine who is afraid I will infect Lala with my horrible sense of style when it comes to shoes. {I wear "guy" shoes a good majority of the time.} Lala really loves shoes and her favorite are still her red shoes so I'm sure that there is nothing to worry about. {Not that I'm worried, I'm rooting for the boots personally.} I took this picture to show said friend just to annoy her... because that's the kind of friend I am, ha ha!

I love this picture of my oldest at the top and my youngest clinging to the bottom. She so wants to be big like her brother{s}.

My husband found this awesome park with walking trails that has great views over where we live. It was beautiful. In the background of this picture it the town we live in. It was really cool looking at our town from this perspective and trying to spot landmarks and figure out where our street was. We were so high up over the trees that it was like flying.

They are getting so grown. I know I am going to look back at this picture when they are teenagers and think that they look so tiny... but right now in this moment, sigh. No more babies.

Yes that is marker all over my girl. She thought it was fantastic. Me, well I was just glad they were washable markers.

Lala is really into her baby dolls right now, it's so cute.

Twins! These guys are exactly four months apart. And they love wearing matching pjs, I just had to get a picture of that. I wonder if Atty will always be bigger then Spike... I can hardly imagine three teenage boys in my house, but when I try to I always picture Atty as the tallest.
Well I ended up blogging after all, a rambling mess at that. and it took me all day, and made me really behind in household chores at one point. Which is why I hardly ever blog these days. For some reason lately I feel {and am} constantly behind with everything, no matter how hard I try to catch up. Frustrating for someone who likes to have every thing under control. Now I am trying to find a good way to end this post... but I have a screaming, squirming baby girl on my lap, that wants "oobie" and can't have it and I need to make dinner.
So that's that. {And I'm sorry to the ones who stuck around to read it...}


Kat said...

Those are some fabulous pictures! I just love it! The one of all four of them on the bridge at the park is AWESOME. So cute! What a bunch of beauties!
My Ben used to get confused for a girl all the time when he was around one year old. People always said he was just too pretty to be a boy. HA!

That little red tutu on Strawberry! ACK!!!! So cute! And I love the brown sweater with the hat. She does have a lot of cute clothes! So fun. :)

Glad all is going well! :)

Kathy said...

Where IS thepark? It is cool--looks like you are up in a big tree house or something. THose pix are precious--boy do you have a lot of good ones--and I thought I took a lot of pix when you guys e=were little--but I didn't have all the techno you have--but I still ove leafing thru all the old oness...
Love, momma