Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Every day normal

The boys decided to clean up the playroom on their own and when they were done Bubu came up to me and said, see mom I told you we were experts. ~While they were cleaning they did the team cheer where we all put our hands together and say Go Team R*****! I over heard Bubu telling Spike to put both his hands in and Spike said I have a booger on my hand, Bubu just said so do it anyways, and they did. That's some brotherly love right there... ha ha! ~Bubu keeps randomly saying, they poisoned the water hole, with a country twang and it's kinda creepy. (It's from one of the toy story movies.) ~I was making lunch and the boys were cleaning up the playroom{we clean up the playroom a lot around here} and over the hum of conversation I hear Maybe she will beat us. If anyone had been over they would have thought horrible things happen around here, but they just meant that I might get lunch done before they were done. Spike then said, she's not the fastest, to which Bubu replied, don't say that it might hurt her feelings. ~Bubu is obsessed with PB&J sandwiches or more like PB&H{honey} sandwiches. He asks if we are having them morning, noon, and night. They've had more lately then I'd like to admit. Finally I told Bubu that he can't have them all the time no matter how many fruits and veggies he has on the side. He came back later and said in a very serious tone, Mom some people have peanut butter sandwiches all the time. Every day! They do. I told him some people might but we don't. Not the response he was looking for. ~Lately Bubu's been telling me things starting with the phrase, some people do... or some boys do... and sometimes it's not very pleasant. Like the other day he told me, some boys hit their brothers. He was frustrated with his brothers and I guess he wanted to let me know that some boys hit. I usually follow this sort of conversation up with, yes but not in our family. So now he says, but not in our family. Usually before I can now. ~Atty was walking around the house today singing, wash, wash, wash your hands, wash the germs away, over and over again. Then he switched to, Twinkle bell, twinkle bell, twinkle all the way... It was cute. He loves singing and often makes up his own words. One of his favorites right now is The B.I.B.L.E. song. He was singing it so much that he got his sister singing it, which I have to say is super adorable. Her version sounds more like bub-bub-ba-lee and she just says that over and over again without the rest of the song. She loves to sing too and the both of them together when they get going is the cutest. ~Mom I have to find my spotted leopard, I love that guy, he's just so hugable! Banden is so funny. He's the hugger that boy. ~Atty loves the chicks, talks about them all the time. He told me today, we don't squeeze the chicks, only gentle and talking. Great advice mister! It's hard not to squeeze them because they do look so squeezable! ~When ever Bubu gets dressed up nice he always asks me, do I look like a genius? To which I reply, Absolutely! With no correction. It's just too adorable. ~The boys were discussing their muscles today at lunch, a hot topic around here lately. They will sit at the table eating their food talking about how it's making big muscles. Bubu flexed his muscle and asked me, do I look like daddy? I said, well yes of course. To which I heard a chorus of questions about who looked the most like daddy while they all flexed their muscles at the table. *This post is not posting the way I want it too... no matter how many times I switch it and repost it, so I must log off now before I scream!*

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Kat said...

Oh how sweet. I love this post. I think our boys would get along very well. We are always cleaning the play room too. HA! And they are always flexing their muscles trying to look like daddy too. ;)

Great post! :)