Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I love you Dansen

I'm really worried about my brother. He's in Japan {he lives in Tokyo} and we have heard from him since the big earthquake and tsunami but only twice. I just read his blog and the last entry helped me feel a little better... but only a little. I wish he would come back to the States for a while, but knowing him as I do, unless he was forced, he won't be coming. He's lived there so long it's home to him. I keep watching this live news channel and it seems like everything is just getting worse and worse over there. Between after shocks, more earthquakes and threat of nuclear meltdowns. Being an older sister I just want to scoop him up and hid him away. I want to protect him and there is nothing I can do from here.
I love you Dansen. We are thinking about you, people are calling asking about you all the time, we miss you so much and we wish you were here. You are in big trouble if I find out you were able to email me and didn't. I am assuming that you can't for what ever reason.

These pictures are from the last time I saw my brother when he was visiting from Japan after years of not seeing him. He was meeting his nephews for the first time.

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