Wednesday, December 1, 2010

*Snow* Thankful!

So I know this is a little late, but I didn't want to skip my favorite holiday!We had snow for Thanksgiving! Finally some snow, the boys were going crazy waiting for the snow that was suggested for DAYS before it actually came down. Note to self, never mention the possibility of snow...before it is actually falling from the sky.

Lala's first snow. We drove out to relatives house out by where I grew up and they had even more snow! So we all went out to play in the snow and work up our appetites.

Adorable. She wasn't to in to exploring but she did sit in it for a short bit. Her uncle tried to get her to eat was pretty funny.
The boys started eating some too, and Atty asked if it was on his diet...ha ha...we told him yes, it's carb free snow, eat as much as you want...he was excited about that. :)
Cousins. Nice and warm.

I tried to get a picture of all the kids together, but that's never easy so I opted for them all being in the same frame at least.

Pretty little girl, her auntie gave her some early Christmas presents and one was this really cute red skirt. She was stylin'!

We had a kids table this year, first time ever. Pretty exciting.

Resting after filling belly to the brim with turkey and the trimmings.

Working off some calories on an exercise ball after all that good food...ha ha!

We had a wonderful time again this year. I love going over there, so relaxing. Already looking forward to next year. :)
Okay so now on to Christmas. More posts to come...

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Kat said...

Is it on my diet! HA!!! What a cutie! I bet he was thrilled he could have so much awesome snow! And look at how happy that little lady is in the snow. I love it.

So glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays too. :)