Monday, December 6, 2010


I find the transition from sweet, innocent, can do no wrong, melt your heart adorable to {fairly} well behaved child...unbearable. That rough patch where your youngster finds there Will. Their Voice, their Independence {which is great, just hard to manage}. Where everything turns into a fight, a battle of wills, a big dramatic show. I could sooooooo do with out the drama! I'm finding it even more heart breaking this time around and I'm trying not to take it personal. It's so hard for me to keep my patience through this stage and it seems to be starting so EARLY with this one! It's been extreme for the past week or so, she got sick as well which made it even worse. But now she appears to be feeling better and is still unbearable. Screaming and crying for me to pick her up. All. Day. Long. Flailing around during diaper changes. Waking up all night wanting to nurse and then throwing these intense middle of the night fits. {We are in the process of night time weening, and she is freaking out!} Throwing horrible fits. Horrible. She's just grumpy and miserable and acting like she's teething, but I don't see any teeth coming in. I know a lot of this is tied into the night time weaning thing, she is pretty angry that I would dare deny her one of her most favorite things...nursing. But she is plenty old enough to go with out at night now, so we are going to have to come to terms on that eventually. I don't think I'm going to survive, this last one is going to be the end of me. I've even called off the potty training for now because it was taking a bad turn...Bubu and Spike were almost all the way potty trained by fifteen months, and she's fourteen months and we are not even close! {Still refusing to walk too...shesh!} I feel like I'm doing it all wrong this time around, like I've forgotten what works from the boys to her. Nothing seems the same. Girls are harder I do believe. The last few days have been so miserable it's hard to remember how cute she can be. I think I will spend some time watching her videos, looking at her cute pictures and reading through my journal for her because I need a reminder...I need some feel good feelings.

Please come back to me my sweet adorable little girl...I'm not ready for this yet.


Lori said...

I promise, if you stick to your guns, it will get better but you already know that but I know that if you are anything like me, it helps to be reminded of that every once in while. Yes, I agree that girls are harder then boys were easy and a breeze in comparison to my girls...I know personality and where they are in birth order make a difference too. I think 14 months can be a pretty frustrating stage for them anyways and then throwing weening into the mix and yes you are going to have a little one to deal with....thankfully they grow out of these things as long as we stick to our guns...lots of gray hairs later I can attest to that! You are a great Mom and that can be easily forgotten when your in the middle of the chaos of raising kids. Hang in there dear lady....hugs and love going your way. XX

Kat said...

Oh no! You poor thing! And poor Strawberry too. Maybe she is going through a growth spurt or something. ??

I swear my girl is so much easier than my boys I can't even believe the difference. It is nutty! She is a peice of cake! I think boys are insaine. Maybe it is just mine. ;)

Good luck hon!