Tuesday, August 10, 2010

River fun

When the sun {was} shining a little while back, I took my kids to the river for some fun in the sun...we brought along our Best Friends Forever and had a picnic. The kids had a blast. I was going to take my kids again this weekend...but of course it's raining yet again in the Pacific NW. My little sun bathing beauty.

My closest friend in the whole wide world, my sister by choice...and our daughters who are already great pals. :)

This little runt screamed and cried until I would set her down...and then she would try to eat the sand, over and over again...Uggggg! I would tell her "icky-blah!" and she would just look at me and smile. Keeping her on a blanket turned out to be a losing cause. Taking a crawler to a sandy beach...not so fun. (For me anyways, I think if you asked her she would say she had a blasted driving her mother crazy.)

I couldn't get a good picture of Banden because he was to busy following around his BFF! Those two are inseparable when they are around each other...he's known her since the day he was born. She is the honorary big sister for my kids, it is hilarious to hear her mothering them.
(Just so you know they are not actually playing in the main part of the river, if they were they would have life jackets on and an adult right by their side. They were playing in a little shallow inlet.)

This little sand monster...I have no words for this. Best game ever apparently.

And this little boy had a most wonderful time, so good to see. Last time we were down here he laid on a blanket in the sand and fussed and cried. He was having so many seizures I had to carry him down and he kept falling when he would try to get up and join his brother who were digging in the sand. He was wearing a helmet and drooling everywhere and I was trying to talk myself into being okay with the new direction our lives were going in. I had just been told he had intractable seizures. I was sad...but trying to be happy for the kids.

This time at the river I wasn't trying...I just was...Happy!

*I can believe how far he's come!*


Brittany said...

I loveee these pictures!

Your little nuggets are SO cute!

Lori said...

They are so darn cute, full of dirt and all...how fun to spend the day in such a way with loved ones. Priceless.

Kat said...

Oh this just makes me want to cry. I'm so glad everyone had such a great time and that Atty was able to enjoy it so much too! :)

A Musing Mother said...

If you have a contest, can I win the baby?

I'll let her eat sand. She'll poop it out, you know.

Riahli said...

Ha! You always make me giggle... :)