Friday, August 27, 2010

A little too adventurous

I've always taught my kids to be food adventurers. The rule in our house is to try one bite at the very least. I'm always reminding them that their taste buds change and something they didn't like before they might like now. When you've never tried it you just don't know if you like it or not. And many other such phrases. Numerous times now my boys have come to realize how true this is. Bubu will often tell me how he didn't like something before but he tried it again and he likes it now. Unfortunately my kids have begun taking it a step to far, they are trying to turn the table on me I do believe. They are getting a little too adventurous. Their new favorite thing to do is to put some crazy combination of food together like bananas dipped in ketchup or a chunk of melon on nachos. "Watch this mom" one of them will say and chomp away with a mischievous look on their face and then "you want to try it mom, be a food adventurer". Then they sit and wait, with a smile. Oh yeah, they are that sly. And their combinations get worse by the day. It's an outright challenge I do believe. But I'm stubborn as they soon will learn, I wear big girl panties and I play for keeps. I will eat their foul combinations with a smile on my face and even throw in a yum for good measure. ;)

Why do I always feel like my kids are ten steps ahead of me {and laughing}?

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Kat said...

Haha! Little stinkers! They are really trying to beat you at your own game! Way to step up, mama!