Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall fun

Precious......and absolutely perfect.
So we don't have any leaves in our backyard to rake into piles and jump into. I always loved to do that when I was a kid. My neighbor offered a couple bags of leaves, which I thought was a great idea, my husband... not so much. We dumped them out in the back yard and the kids had a blast, plus I got some cute pictures. Course they didn't stay in a pile for long as the kids ran giggling with joy around the yard throwing handfuls at each other and up into the air. It's a bit of a mess out there now, but boy did it make their fall! Memories matter more then messes right? Now I just have to remind myself of that when it comes time to clean all those leaves up (or remind my husband who will probably be the one to clean them, poor guy).

It really was amazing how long this leaf pile kept them entertained!

Happy Fall!


Brittany said...

:) awww what beautiful pictures!

Jumping in the leaves is the main reason I miss home in the fall time, we always had SOO much fun jumping in the leaves. I remember once we had a leaf pile almost half way as tall as our house, it was huge! :) the simple things are always the most fun!

Lisa said...

too cute! We don't have leaves either, so I'm going to take Caleb somewhere, don't know where yet, so he can experience it too!

Kat said...

We didn't get our annual leaf pile pictures this year because it has been raining almost everyday. Makes me so mad! Where is my beautiful fall weather???
Love your pics. They are perfect. :)