Saturday, October 3, 2009

Belly pictures

Things have been so busy around here that I never got around to getting any good belly pictures. I've always taken pictures of the belly at it's {Biggest} to frame and put up on the wall. I was worried since we are at the very end that I wasn't going to get a good one, so since my bestest buddy was over yesterday, and it actually stopped raining for a moment and the sun came out, I freshened up and we headed out doors. There wasn't really a great spot in my soggy yard for pictures so this was the best we could do, and working with the shadows and the evening sun was a bit frustrating but oh well. We had fun. In some of them I was just being silly. We did end up with some nice ones though. These are the originals, but after I cropped some of them and fiddled with them a little ( photo it!) I have some good ones to choose from. Just another thing to check off my list, almost baby time!

It's a full moon on Sunday...Here's to hoping she is a full moon baby!


Marlea said...

LOVE IT!!! You look great! Its all baby on you for sure!
So glad you got these pictures!

Lisa said...

Awesome pictures! You look great. :) Good luck, I'll be thinking of you!!!

The Mom said...

You look great!

MGM said...'s Sunday (almost Monday). Did it happen yet?

My thoughts are with you!

buzymommaof2 said...

You looked GREAT!