Friday, October 23, 2009

Clever boy...

Spike was sitting in a box in the playroom when the following conversation occurred.

"Mommy I'm in here, mommy I'm in here, mommy I'm in here"...repeat times a million...

"I see that Spike you're in there"...repeat times a million...

"Mommy I'm in here."

Big sigh..."Spike you're bugging me."

"You're bugging me?"

"No, you're bugging me."

"You're bugging me?"

"No, you're bugging me."

"You're bugging me?"

"Nooooooo, you are bugging me!"

"You're bugging you?"

Hiding smile..."No, You are bugging Me!"

"Ohhhh, I bugging you...giggle, giggle..."

The little stinker is driving me crazy!

His newest thing is to say "What mommy?" when I've told him to stop doing something or it's something he wants to pretend he didn't hear. He will say it over and over again in this innocent voice until I feel I might lose my mind, and then when I am on the brink of insanity and he is about to get in trouble because I refuse to repeat myself one more time he will say "ohhhhhh, okay" like he just got it. Even though I know he heard me the WHOLE time. I need to stop falling for that trick. He's a clever one that boy of mine.


Lisa said...

too cute! makes me really wonder what is going on in those little heads of theirs!!

smiles4u said...

Congrats on the birth of your little girl! I've been away was anxious to see pictures. Love your new header picture. Now I must go look at your past posts so I can read and see pictures of your newest blessing. And yes, your little guy is quite clever!

Brittany said...

OHhh boys :) Arent they hilarious! Selective hearing starting early :)

Kat said...

Hahaha! Silly boy. So cute. :)