Sunday, September 27, 2009


What should mommy do to get this baby out?

Bubu "Go for a car ride and shake it out" *Which shows he is always listening to what we are talking about...I don't even remember him being around when we were joking about going on a bouncy car ride.

Spike AKA Ragga muffin "Daddy" *We all got a good laugh out of this one.

Atty "OUT BABY!" *I am assuming he is wanting me to shout the baby out...ha, ha!

I will be trying all of these, in order, in the next few days... ;)


Lisa said...

Too cute....Good Luck!

Brittany said...

How hilarious :) What a cute post! I lvoe the way kids think! When I asked Aidyn if he wants a little brother or sister, he always tells me "nope!" he loves being an only child! :) We'll see!