Thursday, September 10, 2009

All the Buzz...

So I've been meaning to post pictures of Bubu's super awesome Buzz Light year Birthday but it's just been crazy in my corner of the world lately. Any ways he had so much fun turning four. Although I am convinced body snatchers came in the middle of the night and took the place of my sweet little three year old because OMGoodness has he turned into quite the skunky boy since his birthday! I'll save that for another post though, or maybe not.
He loved the book he got, he's always loved books, so right when he opened it he needed me to read it to him. Then he opened his next present and the book was forgotten because...
Buzz Light year is so beyond cool! He was over the moon excited. He's been a big fan of Spider Man for quite some time now, but lately he's been leaning more towards Buzz and his two bestest buddies (as Bubu calls them) have Buzz costumes that he just adored.
So I figured it was time to move on. He wore it to bed that night and every day until his Buzz Light year sleep over with his bestest buddies ever.

Here he is still in his Buzz outfit. Doesn't he make an adorable super hero. He was so excited for his own special sleep over with his friends for his birthday it was all he could talk about for the rest of the week. We brought a tent into the playroom and set it up and he could barely contain himself.

Then the big night came and his buddies showed up and they were all dressed up in there costumes and the excitement was visible. They ate homemade pizza and then I packed up the three Buzz's and we ventured out for a special treat.

Ice cream! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!

Bubu's favorite color right now is blue so he picked the bluest ice cream available...

Up, up and wait that's not it...To infinity and beyond, there we go that's better. Then when we left they spied these awesome stepping stones and for seriously like ten minutes they played a game called...



...and yes I know there were four stepping stones and lame mom even pointed that out...but that wasn't the game apparently, because it stayed the one, two, three game and they just basically ignored me. What do I know.
I finally got them to jet back to the van and we went home where they ran around out side until dark, then Bubu got to open more presents from his friends, they watched the Buzz Light year movie and then time for bed. Those boys were still going strong after ten, so mean mommy camped out in front of their tent and crashed the party. Poor Bubu, he kept sighing to let me know how extremely lame I was until he finally drifted off to sleep. Do you know those boys were awake again before I was even up at six in the morning! I don't even know exactly when they woke up but good grief! They volunteer that they needed naps because they were "sooooo tired" first thing in the morning. It was kind of funny listening to them discussing how they needed a nap. So being the sweet women I am I made sure to relay that information to their moms. :) Probably not necessary though because by the time they got picked up their eyes were drooping closed and their heads were nodding.
All in all it was a fun time and Bubu was so happy that he got to have his first big sleep over at his house. I finally got the Buzz outfit off of him to wash it and that was that. Much better then a big birthday party I thought, and Bubu seemed to enjoy it more too.
Then my husband's birthday was on the 6th and mine is today, so it's been a flurry of birthdays around here! Fun times.

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Lisa said...

Well well!!!! you are just the greatest party person, I think! That looked so fun. :) AND, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's 8:30pm here, and you're what, 3 hours behind the east coast? So enjoy your birthday evening!!!! Will we see what you did on your birthday too? What did YOU dress up as?!