Thursday, February 19, 2009

selective memory

I do not remember being this big already with my other two pregnancies. I am not sure if this is due to selective memory, or not, but I seriously don't think I was this big before. I already don't want to wear my jeans, and if I do I have to unbutton the top when I am sitting down. I have pulled out every big sweater/sweatshirt I own in a desperate attempt to hide the roll. It's not like I am eating a lot, I don't have to, I will still gain plenty! I hate this part were you don't look pregnant, you just look like your packing on the pounds. I keep telling myself that since this is the last time I will be pregnant that I should be enjoying every second of it, but I am so not! To top it off my husband thinks it's really funny to joke about having twins, if he says it one more time I might have to pinch him, hard...


Mama said...

oh if he knows whats good for him, he better shut his face!!! I thought he was better trained than that??/
So does this mean you will start posting belly shots???
Oh that just made me think of a picture I have of you when you were about 12 with a pillow under a your dress pretending to be preggers!! I should dig it out and post it for you!!!

MGM said...

I gained about 8 pounds each time BEFORE I even made it to the very first doctor appointment! YIKES! I packed on a total of 48 pounds the first time, and then 50 the second time! Fortunately, I lost it all in between.

I also hated the part where I just looked like I was getting fat, but not yet pregnant. Don't worry, you'll bust out into full pregnancy mode soon so that everyone and their dog will know the second they lay eyes on you!

How's that for comfort?

Melody said...

Ahh, the "t" word! He didn't! I think it must be in your head though... you look great...waaayyyy better right now than I do at 5 years post-baby! People still ask me if I'm pregnant! lol