Friday, November 6, 2015


Mushroom hunting in our own back yard... Well not really, but just across the street. ;)

We were on a conk hunt.  Artist conks, or Red-Belted conk. Of course we also had to stop for any lingering blackberries. 

We found an ancient huge conk, well past it's prime but still cool.

Of course we had to stop and check out our favorite spot at the river.

Ira made friends with this huge cricket...

This little girl was super tired so we stopped for a rest on a log, in the sunshine. So nice. :)

Best brother in the whole world! As I said Leiella was super tired so Banden offered to give her a ride on his back! He carried her for so long! In fact when he was done he was exhausted as Leiella skipped off. ;) He really saved the day as she was close to tears before he offered to carry her.

We were blessed to spot this beautiful owl sitting on a branch gazing at us as we walked past. It was such a wonderful and exciting experience.

We didn't find any conks, much to my children's disappointment, but they did spot some Turkey Tails! Yay!

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