Friday, November 6, 2015

All dressed up with no where to go, just the way we like it. ;)

Autumn is my favorite season. :)
Does anyone else see the face in this stump and the twiggy hair? Or is it just me... Ha ha!

Halloween came damp but still without a nip to the air. I had one of my all day classes to go to and Leiella had her rehearsal for the play she is going to be in (whole different post) and the boys had their last soccer game at the same time. It was a busy day! Thanks to a good friend helping out it all got done. When I got home I was pretty burnt out and so was everyone else, so we decided to just go around to our neighbor's houses instead of going to a Halloween party (which was our original plan). I'm so thankful that my children need down time about as much as I do.

Leiella, my little angel. :)

Ira as Captain Nobody!

Atticus wanted to be a dove. He made the mask himself. :)

Banden as Peter Pan!

So much love for my little creative munchkins!

Walking the neighborhood. We were about the only ones, it's apparently an very old fashion thing to do these days. We cling to the old ways. ;)


Being silly. :)

So tired out, the cuteness is too much!

Once again the kids left their candy out for the Great Pumpkin! And he did not disappoint. ;)

They each got a candy bar on Halloween night as well, so they weren't completely treat-less. I also made some grain free pumpkin bars with a maple topping that were crazy good! 

It's all so very exciting! There were pumpkin seeds and glitter everywhere!!!

Another great use for my new turkey roaster, giant batches of apple sauce. :)

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