Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer happenings

Ira helped me make some sauerkraut! He went through the whole process with me this time. He will be making it on his own in no time! :)

We are starting to go into the food prep/preserving time of year! First harvests, herbs dried, foods fermented, berried frozen. Soon I'll be getting the canner out!

These beauties are from the community garden!

Getting ready to brew a big batch of lemon balm, ginger, lavender tea. Sweetened with a little honey. I've been making big batches of ice tea to beat the hot weather, so perfect. :)

Some more harvest from the community garden!

A sweet little frog in my garden. Just hanging out.

My squash just didn't do very well this year. Hoping it suddenly starts to rapidly grown. At least there are a few flowers on them. :/

Beets! Beautiful yummy beats. :)

Messages of love in the sand. 

1 comment:

Kat said...

I should definitely do some canning. I always have SO MANY tomatoes.
That little frog is SO cute! Such a pretty green!
Your garden looks beautiful!