Friday, July 3, 2015

Nothing like beating the heat at the river.

No better way to beat the heat than a trip down to the river after dinner. No matter what I do my house generally feels like a sauna by evening time. Nothing better than the refreshing breeze off the river and the cool water to wade around in. Sweaty house or cool river in the evening… no contest! These pictures are from a trip down there with some good friends. Ira happened to be at a sleep over and I was missing him something fierce! I kept getting that sinking stomach missing kid feeling, which is never good next to bodies of water. I just don't feel complete when one of my kids is else where and it really sets me on edge! 

But enough of that back to our beautiful river spot!

Cooling off and having some fun. :)

River beauty.

Hot dogs agree, river is best! :)

This man loves to fish!

Awesome river find. :)

Some times the beauty down here is breath taking! This picture hardly does it justice.

I just love this house on the hill. :)

The moon is on the rise!

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Kat said...

Oooo! That looks like a gorgeous spot!