Thursday, June 11, 2015

It was wonderful

Mother's day weekend.
Spent hiking with my mom and kids on Saturday. And hanging out with the kiddos on Sunday. Unfortunately Ryder had to work both days. 
But we still had fun. :)

Never imagined how full and wonderful my life would be. I feel so thankful every day. Even on the rough days. Granted on those days it's usually not until late at night, after they are asleep and look like little angels. ;) The children spoiled me on Mother's day. They all sat quietly with me in church instead of going to their Sunday school classes. It was so nice as I often sit alone. Then we went shopping, and I splurged a little bit. Then we went to a plant nursery and I splurged a little more. Maybe my husband shouldn't leave me alone on Mother's day. ;) He did make a yummy dinner when he got home, even though he was beyond tired from working non-stop. I'm a lucky gal. I was spoiled with gifts, and Leiella in particular had a whole bag of home made crafts/cards for me. She was so excited to give it to me as she had apparently been squirreling it all away for some time. All in all it was one of the most wonderful Mother's days I've ever had.  

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Kat said...

Aww! It sounds like a fantastic Mother's Day! Just perfect! :)