Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Get ready. Get set. GO!




Okay enough, I'm ready to share. We are finally making progress on the kitchen project that has been a dream of mine since the day we moved in, seven years ago now! For about a year now Ryder has been working on the cabinets in his shop, little by little in his very rare spare time. He didn't have required over time at his job this past weekend and was finally done putting them together, so he said it was go time!

This has been my set up for seven years! Using a folding table as a make shift counter. Messy and ugly, plus over all there is hardly any actual counter space in this kitchen. We eat a whole foods diet so for someone who is constantly cooking from scratch three square meals a day and then some it was a bit frustrating. As soon as we put Atty on his special diet for seizure control and I started spending the majority of my days in the kitchen (only a slight exaggeration) I started to loathe my kitchen. I am so thankful for a handy husband, even if it did take FOREVER AND A DAY!

All geared up and ready to be Ryder's sidekick.

This was my job, to handle the spray bottle and the vacuum, both I know well. ;) Ryder had to cut the tile and then chip it all up where the cabinets were going.

It was a nasty job and he ended up cutting up his hand really bad before he put gloves on.

Worst part of the whole thing. Ryder did most of it on his own because I had to get our food shopping done. 

But I bought chocolate ice-cream bars to make up for it. :) Nothing like ice-cream bars when you are working hard at watching daddy work. ;)

This guy was especially happy because they were ice-cream bars that he could actually have. Made out of coconut milk. Happy kid.

Bringing in the cabinets and scoping things out. 

It's so exciting!!! This is exactly how I felt on the inside. ;)

Putting in the drawers. All of this was made by hand by Ryder!

There are some deep shelves back there! Ha ha!

It was a joyful moment when I actually got to fold up this folding table, that has been well used now, and store it away! As it should be. :)

There is a lot left to do. We have to strip the older cabinets of their paint and then paint everything. We are adding knobs/handles and last but not least… NEW COUNTER TOPS! Oh man I can hardly wait!

For now Ryder put a board on top to use as counter space. Hopefully he doesn't get too comfortable with that idea. ;) I'm a pretty patient wife for the most part, but I have a fever for this kitchen to be finished already!!!

Honestly I keep walking into my kitchen and just staring around in awe. It's so awesome. I reorganized everything, did a kitchen purge and a thorough cleaning and now I don't mind spending so much time in there. ;)  There's so much space!

This was from before I reorganized everything, it looks even better now! :D

So there you have it, the kitchen remodel is in full swing and hopefully more updates soon!

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Kat said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is so exciting!!! Your hubby is amazing. Those cabinets are fantastic. Wow! What a difference, huh? That is awesome.

And I bet you spend most of your time in the kitchen. I don't know how you do it with 4 kids, and homeschooling, and everything else. Thank goodness your kitchen is more cooking/storing friendly for you now.

And also, Atty is doing SO WELL! I can't believe it has been almost 5 years since his seizures (reading one of your last posts). Amazing how you have healed your boy. AMAZING!