Thursday, June 11, 2015

A game of catch up

Well once again I'm scrambling to catch up. But at least I'm blogging. :) Now that school is sort of out for the summer (we keep doing a little bit here and there so it stays fresh) I should have some more breathing room!

So now for a little bit of randomness...

Ira finished up a great baseball season, he's really good! Super intent and focused, a real pro in the works! He will probably play for a league next year instead of the city. It's been fun for him, but he needs a bit more. :)
That kid never ceases to amazing me, he's so good at whatever he puts his mind to!

I took an all day wild edibles class, and then on a whim jumped into an herbal apprenticeship program. It meets up once a month for an all day class. So far it's been amazing, although figuring out childcare for my brood has been a bit stressful. :/ I knew it would be though. I also knew it wasn't really the right time in my life to start something like this. But it's a passion of mine, and it just felt right and makes me feel excited to be learning something that I'm so interested in. Feels good for the soul. So I went for it, regardless. :) Plus I didn't have to pay full price, because of taking the wild edible class, so that made it more affordable, I just couldn't pass it up! I haven't had to pay for childcare yet, but I'm sure at some point I will and that, for all four, is a pretty penny!

My children hunting for sorrel, one of their favorite wild edibles. :) 

We've been spending a lot of time at our favorite spot. Looking for wild edibles, bird watching, playing at the river on the sandy beach, you name it this place has it. ;) And it's right across the street from our  house. We are so lucky. Love my little adventurers.

Nettle pesto, harvested at our favorite spot! Love this stuff! My kids just gobble it down. They now point out when the nettles pop up so I don't forget to harvest some. ;)

And because I don't have enough to do ;) the kids (and my bonus kids) and I are volunteering at a community garden at a local church. We get this garden bed all to ourselves. Which is not as awesome as it sounds, since it's plagued with horsetails. Ugly little beasts. If I had to battle those in my own garden I think I would cease to be a gardener. :( I wasn't expecting to take on such a task, but the person who use to garden that section asked me to take it on because they have some health problems. So once again I'm in over my head on accident. ;) It's been okay, I just wish I could do more. It's hard to garden with a baby and five kids "helping".

We also took a really awesome birding class that was enjoyed by all, but especially Atty.

Well that catches up a bit of randomness, now for some more focused posts. ;)

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