Thursday, January 30, 2014

November happenings… yes I said November. :)

We added a new member to our flock...

 His name is Milo.

 And he's good at making friends… or it might be that Rio is just a very patient kitty. :)
Either way they are super cute together.

 The day after Thanksgiving (which was awesome of course, spent with family and friends as usual} we went and found our perfect tree. The kids all took turns "helping" to cut it down.

 I found a heart in a cantaloupe. :)

We all decorated our cute little tree together. The kids are getting better and better at this part.

 Best news of all… I found a type of candy cane that Atty could have! In this picture is his adorable face tasting his first nibble. For the first time in four years we were all able to decorate the tree with candy canes! It use to be a favorite tradition of ours to decorate the tree and then at the very end hang up all the candy canes and eat one of course. We stopped doing that the year that Atty first started having seizures and went on his special diet. He has come such a long way that I decided to try these special diabetic candy canes that were sweetened with beet sugar. Not something I would want him to have all the time, just as an occasional treat. I was a little nervous, as I always am when adding in something new, but good news… no negative reaction! 
I was actually giddy with excitement when I found them online, I might have even cried a little. Until you have a child that can't have so very many things that others take for granted, you just don't fully understand. :)
It's the little things.

I got new cabinet pulls and knobs, and I love them. :)

It snowed once. Yes, once. That's it and I don't believe we will see any more. Which is a bummer if you ask me or the kids. The kids were so excited to see snow, and I knew it wasn't expected to last so I caved and let them go play in it starting at around 7 am. They had been pestering me for about an hour at that point. :) They pretty much stayed out in it all day, with occasional breaks, you know to eat and stuff, ha ha! And it's a good thing because it was gone the next day. :(

The adorable snowman that they made all on their own. They added, oh about a bag of bird seed… shesh. It was too sweet to be mad about. :)

And one last November picture… Fermented golden beets. Super yummy. 
One of these days I'm going to blog about fermented foods, and all the changes we've made around here, dietary changes. But not right now. :)

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Kat said...

Sounds like November was a success!!! :)