Friday, January 31, 2014

New Years day on the mountain.

We always go up to the mountains in search of snow on New Years day. It's been a traditions since J lived with us and we continued it with our kids. Because we've only had the tiniest bit of snow this year my kids were really, really, really looking forward to it. And that is an understatement. ;) We had a really fun New Years Eve together at home, movies, games and goofiness. And plenty of it. My husband falls asleep almost every year, but according to him the rest of us were having a raging party, ha ha! We were having a blast, especially when we were playing Slamwich, super fun game to play with the kids. :) Even Leiella played it with us, which really made her night since she is still too young to play most of the games that her brothers want to play. Anyways we made it to midnight and then were treated to an amazing fireworks show put on my the neighbors. :) Next morning, bright and early {way too bright and early} we headed up to the mountains. We lucked out with a beautiful day, not too cold, no rain, just lovely.

 And boy did we make the best of it! :)

 This is the first year that Atty really enjoyed himself. No whining and crying about being too cold, or that it was too hard, just lots of sledding. In fact the only melt down he started to have was when it was time to go. ;)

 This guy was a maniac, as usual, ha ha!

 Here they come!

 She LOVED going down on the sled, and kept on trooping back up the hills!

 Fast ride down the hill with daddy. :)

 So cute! So very, very cute. ;)

 This hat makes her look little again, I like it. :)

 My handsome dude.

 Back up the hill with daddy…

 So beautiful, everywhere you look…

 Me and my mommy. :)

 We were discussing his adorable cheeks… you just want to pinch them!

 I wish I'd thought to take a family picture with the mountains in the back ground.
Can't get a better back drop than that!

Sledding with my girl.

More beauty.

I got this gem of my sister and daughter flying down the hill. My favorite by far!

She just loves her auntie. I feel so blessed that my daughter is surrounded by such amazing women. She has so many great role models in her life. :)

Building little snow people.

Love on a mountain top.

And a little bit of silliness too. ;)

Neenee couldn't resist sledding as well. :)

Dog pile sledding. My favorite. ;)

So loved, so blessed, so happy.

Dog pile with auntie too!

And crash!!!! Ha ha!

We had a wonderful day in the snow, went home exhausted and happy. Good way to start the new year.

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Kat said...

That. Is. Awesome.
And what fabulous pics! It looks like the PERFECT way to ring in the new year. :)