Friday, January 31, 2014

Charlotte and Rosemary

So meet Charlotte and Rosemary. We sort of accidentally fell in love. ;)

I was actually very determined not to, and I was doing a pretty good job of staying detached. But then we picked them up for a Christmas visit before my mom started finding homes for them. We took care of them for the first week of their lives, and then my mom had them, so the kids really missed them and wanted to see them again before it was too late. The Christmas visit stretched out longer, and longer, and longer. And eventually I had to admit to my mom that she would have to steal them away if she wanted them back. And since she didn't want them back and had been secretly {or not so secretly} hoping we would keep them she readily agreed. Thanks mom. ;) I'm pretty sure it was her plan all along...

They just fit in so perfectly. And we love their mom, such a sweet dog, so we're thinking they are going to be pretty awesome as well. So far they are beyond adorably sweet. I actually cried talking to my mom about it. Because I really wanted to make it work and keep them, but because of our past failures I was terrified of trying again. They just fit everything we need and want in a dog {well the kids and I anyway, my husband is not much of a little dog person, or so he says}, and I really like that they also have each other. I really didn't want them to be separated either. Plus it would have been hard to find Charlotte a home because of her cleft lip. Silly because she's my absolute favorite. But shhhhhhhh… don't tell Rosemary. ;) I didn't tell the kids what I was thinking, so for three weeks they still thought the dogs were leaving and through it all they continued to help with the puppies and tell me how much they loved them and wished they could keep them. Ira cried about how much he still misses Luna and broke my mommy heart… It was an emotional roller coaster. And in the end they stayed. And I hope and pray I made a good choice. It's hard to trust your judgment when you've screwed up in the past. But we all make mistakes and hopefully grow from those mistakes, right. Right. So my heart if full, three boys and three girls. Leiella loves having sisters. ;) The kids were so cute when we told them the news, and they are still thanking me regularly for their puppies. Although they keep reminding me of how much they like Meringo too, nice try kids but she's very happy with Neenee. :) We will see her often enough.

And my husband can say he doesn't really like little dogs all he wants, but I know better. :)

I can honestly say I never in a million years thought I'd want poodles… so I guess it's good that they chose us.

Life is weird with it's twists and turns. 

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Kat said...

Oh. My. Word! They are just little balls of fluff!!! I LOVE THEM!!! What little beauties!
And my hubby never thought he would have a poodle either but he is IN LOVE. He always says that Molly is the best dog EVER and that is saying something because he always talks about his dog Daisy like she was IT.
Congrats on your new family members!!