Thursday, January 30, 2014

I don't think I've ever missed a whole month before!

I can't believe I'm just now blogging about December! Not even ready for January yet… good grief. I guess since I am so very far behind I will need to try my very hardest to skim the surface and make it a brief summery… as if that's possible for me to do. ;) I will restrict myself to Christmas break. :)

 We picked up Meringo and the puppies to spend time with us during Christmas.  And then the puppies never left… but that is another story. ;)

 They're just so cute, how could we not fall in love!

I absolutely adore Meringo, but my mom is in love with her, so she is keeping her. :) I feel pretty confident that her puppies will be just as awesome as she is. 
So needless to say there was a lot of puppy cuddling going on the week leading up to Christmas.

And Christmas Eve pjs picture was taken with puppies in hand. :)

We are all normal over here… ;)

Stockings were stuffed.

Christmas morning cuties.

More Christmas morning cuteness...

Basically we were overflowing with cuteness. :)

I got Leiella some Goldie Blox and she was super excited about it. :) Check out their website.
It's pretty cool.

I also found her the most ridiculously decked out glittery plush cat ever. It had wings and a crown and jewelry… And she loved it, ha ha! She really did, so much so that she went and put on wings and got a crown to match. So funny.

I took a bunch of pictures of these two playing with their remote control cars on the deck, in their pjs. So cute.

I don't think I'll ever get over how unalike we look, ha ha! It's weird to have kids that don't look anything like you.
I guess they all got lucky and look like their dad. ;)

At the end of the holiday break we all felt exactly like this. 

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Kat said...

ACK!!!! Those puppies are SO SO CUTE!!!! I just want to squeeze them!
Looks like y'all had a great Christmas!