Saturday, January 26, 2013

Through the eyes of the littles...

So every thing settled back down again. :) I finally got my first full night of sleep and it was awesome. Of course the last few days I've had some awful insomnia, but I made it into a good thing by reading some great books. :) Now if I could just make these giant bags under my eyes into a good thing. ;)
We survived the awful sickness my girl and I, thankfully no one else got it!
A picture where I prove that yes indeed I do have giant bags under my eyes... ;)
So lately little munchkins have been getting their grubby little hands on my camera. They absolutely love taking pictures! I use to be really strict about them leaving my camera alone, but I let them go crazy with it the other day and it was actually sort of awesome. Seeing the world through their eyes. Of course I did have to delete a ton of pictures, close ups of carpet and such things. But well I'll let the others speak for themselves. :)
I think La took this one. :)

There we a ton like this, just stuff around the house, but something about the angle and what they focused on made it cute to me. :)

This must be a survival show, a new favorite around here. :)

Dinos on the march!

Rio at his finest, ha ha!

For some reason there were also lots of pictures of them eating and close ups of their food, not sure what means. 

This little dude is pretty good at self portraits. :)

This one made me laugh so hard!

So did this one. One of the best pictures, ever!

I like this one because Atty would hold that cat all day if he could. :)

This happens a lot, apparently Rio needs to be snuggled in when he takes a nap. :)

My little frogger. :)
 So there you have it. Through the eyes of my children, mostly just Spike and La. :) I'll have to hand the camera over to Bubu and Atty soon and see what they come up with.

On another note... La had her first sleep over! At her best friends house, which happens to be all of five minutes away. {Which made it easier on me!} I had a really hard time with it, but she was totally fine. It was her friends fourth birthday and all she wanted was a sleep over with La for her birthday. So how could I say no? Because I trust the mom {who is a friend of mine} I let my little girl go, and I'm glad I did because she was beaming when she got home. She was so proud of herself and really had a great girly time. :) You would think that after having four kids I'd be a bit more relaxed about this stuff, but I'm not. In fact I can count on one hand how many times my kiddos have gone on a sleep over. 

Doesn't she look so big! All ready for her sleep over. :)

And now so that no one in the family is left out, I'll end this post with a picture of the monster that use to be a cute little puppy. ;) Well lets face it he's still cute, just not little. His head reaches the table top now!

So regal. :)

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Kat said...

Haha! Those pics are hilarious! It is interesting to see what interests them, and to see stuff from their angle. Cute. :)

AND A SLEEPOVER!!!! That would make me hyperventilate. I can't imagine Grace going to a sleepover. Course, she is a HUGE mama's baby when it comes to that stuff. My boys haven't even had a sleepover yet, though I wouldn't really have a problem with the oldest going to one.
Such a big girl! And yes, she does look all grown up in that pic. :(