Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meet the Burb...

See these 

Can you guess why?

Yep... We finally found the one.
Our new Burbie, as the kids call it. :) Burb for short.

I love it! The dealership that we got it from is simply amazing, and they worked a Christmas miracle for us!  They are a family own business, and they have great customer service and admirable business practices. I was blow away! {Hinton Chevrolet in Lynden for anyone whole lives in the area.} In fact the very day we purchase the Burb we heard some sort of sound when we got close to home, so we called them. {I'll admit I was thinking, great here we go again, bought it from a dealership and it's going to be nothing but a head ache after all. Too good to be true and all that.} Long story short, even though we signed at least three paper stating that we did not have a warranty, they fixed what ended up being a very expensive problem... for free, with out any hassle, they were so sweet and caring about it! I've just never experienced anything like it. It was always nothing but hassle dealing with the Kia dealership when we had our car and then our van, and anytime I've ever stepped onto a car lot. So this has been very refreshing! The kids are happy, the grown ups are happy, and we are so glad to be able to roll again. :)
I'm still in denial about the cost in gas though. 
I wish they made more environmentally friendly big family cars... that we could afford. At least we won't be driving it around all that much. My husband carpools for the most part, but I think as soon as we can we are going to need a small commuter car for the trips without kids. That will make me feel a little less guilty.

So anyway a month without a vehicle has come to an end! Yay!


Kat said...

That is so exciting! Congratulations! And how nice that you had such a great experience at the dealership. That is awesome. I love it when that happens.
My hubby is a Suburban man. I think if you have a bunch of kids and live anywhere where the weather is questionable (snowy), then a Suburban is a very good idea. My hubby wants me to get one too, but I think I'll just stick with my minivan. Driving a Suburban feels so HUGE to me. Like a bus or something. And the gas. OMG! Not that my van is much better. You're right. I wish there were more family sized vehicles that were environmentally and economically friendly.

But the ROOM in a Suburban is so awesome. And you will all be very safe in that thing. So awesome! :)

Riahli said...

I never thought I'd want to drive a Suburban either, and I've always been fine with driving my van around. Even though most of my friends teased me... ;) I could really rock a mini van, ha ha! When my husband first suggested a Suburban I totally wrote it off and thought, no way! But he slowly won me over and now I'm glad I listened because I love it! It is big, but it feels so safe! The parking I'm still a chicken about though, I will park way out there just to avoid trying to squeeze in between other vehicles. :) At least the kids are all older now and know how to walk with me safely though a parking lot. I always avoided parallel parking before, so nothings changed there, ha ha!