Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bug Squad!

My girl had one fantastic party to celebrate turning three. Yes you read that right, my little sweetheart is three! Pinch me, I must be dreaming! 

Birthday pancakes are a must, and this girl has been talking about them for weeks now, so funny! She was really into planning her party this time around. All the way down to her chocolate cake with strawberries on top and more chocolate, ha ha! She was very insistent about that part. :)

 Lala loves the Ladybug Girl books, and so we decided to have a Ladybug girl party, which meant that every one needed to dress up as a bug, and of course Leiella was Ladybug girl! :)

 The boys also got to pick what they wanted to be, and we did a little research to figure it out... Bubu chose to be a Southern Black Widow Spider, ack!  Spike decided he wanted to be a Giant Dessert Centipede, the flashy colors caught his eye. :) And Atty wanted to be a Common Grey Moth. I was pressed for time, so I simply bought some cheap sweats and matching shirts and sewed the details onto those. Atty's was easy, just add wings and antennas. Spike I had to limit him to twenty legs... poor thing. With Bubu I just added the right amount of spider legs and the red hourglass mark, and done! That's my kind of costume making. ;) I hardly measured a thing. Use the good ol' eye ball. 
Guess what they will be this Halloween... :)

 Cute little bugs.

 Ahhhhhh! There is a giant spider in my house!

 Cutest centipede I've ever seen... He insisted that I add the pinchers on the back, apparently that was the coolest part.
There were some really cute bugs at her party, got some awesome pictures of her with her buggy friends. :)

 We played pin the spots on the ladybug. Everybody won kind of game. :)

 And of course we had to paint ladybug rocks, they turned out pretty stinkin' cute, wish I had snapped a picture of those before the kids took them home.

 I was a busy bee, as usual. ;)

 Lala and her little bee friend. Buzzzzzzz!

 We were blessed to have some amazing friends there, fun times! 

 Make a wish birthday girl!

 This right here is a coconut flour cake with home made chocolate frosting, it's a paleo recipe. There were a few other kids there that are gluten or dairy free or on the paleo diet {or GAPS diet} so I just made one cake for all. Ended up being barely enough to serve all the kids, sorry parents. The kids loved it! And all the parents that managed to nibble on a piece of their kids cake loved it too, so bonus! :)

 In all the excitement of the day I almost flunked big time... I totally forgot Lala's presents from us! So right before bed I scrambled to wrap them up {yes they weren't even wrapped yet, oops} and give them to her. Can you tell she was excited about that Strawberry Shortcake blanket I found for her bed. 
{Yes there is another redhead in the picture that is not Atty... she is an adorable little friend who happened to be spending the night, best birthday ever.}

She of course got some more Ladybug Girl books for her collection. :) And a ladybug game, and some clothes that fit. I can not believe how much she grew this summer!!!  And I love that she actually gets excited about her new clothes, not something I ever experienced with the boys, ha ha!

So happy birthday to my amazingly smart and sassy, not to mention absolutely adorable, not so little, little Ladybug Girl.

{Oh and by the way... the puppy is not really cutting it with stopping the baby cravings, and my littlest turning three isn't really helping either... when does it stop! I mean I have four already, good grief!}

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Kat said...

Oh my gosh, how cute is that? A bug party! Who knew bugs could be so cute? Love it!!!!
You are so creative! Those costumes are adorable!
Happy Birthday to your beautiful 3 year old!!!! :)