Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Big Boy Bike Riding! {times two}

Look who finally figured out how to ride his bike without training wheels!!! 

 And now he's a pro... even turning around on his own. ;) Now that he can ride without training wheels he doesn't want to get off, and bugs me nearly every day to go out riding. Only problem is he waited until the last possible moment to learn how to ride this summer and now... summers over... and the rain has settled in and it's going to be here for some time. Poor disappointed guy. If we had a better place to ride I'd let him ride in the rain {never hurt anybody to get a little wet while riding} but we don't.

This boy of course wanted his training wheels off as soon as he saw Bubu riding without his... and guess what... he figured out how to ride without them in about a half of an hour! Such a determined and competitive little boy!

 And away he goes...

Crash landing! He did many of these, but he was so graceful about it... practically jumping off and just letting the bike fall. He did end up figuring out how to stop in a way that was a little easier on the bike. :)
 Bubu in bike riding bliss. :)

 Right away Spike did not want any more help getting going. He is the only kid I have ever heard ask for a parent to not help, with in minutes of taking the training wheels off! That's Spike though, since he was super tiny, always wants to do everything on his own and be the best at it.

 Then there is super adorable Atty, still content to putts around on his little bike with training wheels, and falling off of that, ha ha! He did ask to get his training wheels off too, but I'm thinking we might just wait until spring for that one, being as the weather has now taken a turn for the worst. We did manage to find another slightly larger bike with training wheels that we are going to transition him to, and after he gets the hang of that then we will talk about the training wheels coming off. :) Lala's got the tricycle down pat, and is sure she's ready for the next step. I on the other hand think she is so stinking adorable riding around on this little red trike that I might be super sad to see it go...

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Kat said...

That is such an exciting moment when a kid finally gets it. There is such freedom in riding a bike. Truly a big kid moment. Love it!
Congrats to your big boys! :)