Sunday, October 28, 2012

Autumn tidbits

I can't seem to blog anymore, and it frustrates me! There is so much going on and I want to write about it so I can look back and really remember it all, but life is so busy I can't seem to squeeze in the time. And then when I do make the time {as in neglect to do the dishes and choose to blog instead} I'm overwhelmed as to where to start...

I guess I'll start with some yearly pumpkin patch pictures.
I can't believe how grown she is!
My always goofy middle child. :)
Too busy enjoying his apple to give me a real smile... they all were.  Guess I should have made them wait until after pictures, ha ha! This pumpkin farm has an apple orchard and the kids love being able to pick their very own apple,  this was the first year that Atty got to pick his own apple and eat the whole thing! It's the small stuff that makes us happy. :)
I can hardly ever get Bubu to smile for pictures anymore... sigh.  Maybe it's just a boy thing, I remember J being like this at Bubu's age.  He's still determined to grow his hair out for locks of love, and has inspired all of us, including his brothers, to do so as well... I'm thinking it might last until next summer. :)

Me and the kiddos with a stand in scarecrow. :) Bubu is getting so tall!

Now I think I'll throw in some fall colors from the front garden just for fun...

These are the chairs I refurnished from old chairs that use to me my grandmothers, the seats are made out of the salvaged window sills from her house. I sanded, cut boards, screwed stuff together, and stained. First time ever! There's one more by my front door. Ryder barely helped at all, I was super proud of myself. :)

And now for some more random Autumn pictures...

Enjoying some almond flour holiday cut out cookies! They were super good, with some left over paleo chocolate frosting and colored shredded coconut as sprinkles. :)

Radar is growing like a weed, and super sassy right now... wish I could skip to the grown up, potty trained, easy going dog part. :) He is pretty cute though, so all is forgiven most days. :)

Carving the pumpkin we got at the pumpkin patch. The kids did most of the cleaning out on there own this year, and  then we counted the seeds. Oh my goodness... there were 1,274 seeds... never want to do that again. ;) Bubu was super excited about it though and it was good counting practice. Then we roasted the seeds, and ate all 1,274 of them, but not all in one day. :)

The finished pumpkins. We were too impatient to wait until dark so we lit them up in the bathroom with the door shut, ha ha! 

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Kat said...

Looks like life is good and beautiful at your house. Gotta love fall! The kids are growing like weeds! Holy moly they all look so big! :)
Love your flowers and pumpkins! :)