Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another step back to normal...

This was the first year since Atty's seizures started that I didn't have a harvest party planned. 
For the last couple years, instead of going trick or treating or to a Halloween festival, we've had a fun party with friends.  That way I could provide Atty approved treats and not worry about candy and we could still have some fun. This year we have just been so busy, and my very best friend on planet earth moved away to Texas and took my kid's very best friends with her. To say we are bummed is a massive understatement. So maybe I'm sulking but I just couldn't find it in me to host a party without them. I mean if we are being honest they were often the main guests, so it probably wouldn't have been much of a party anyways. This year I just planned on some home made treats for the kids, a fun dinner, maybe a movie and games, while we passed out trinkets {no candy at our house} to the door knockers... but at the last minute I decided, what the heck, lets go trick or treating in the neighborhood after all. There were a few times this summer where Atty was around candy. He even helped to collect some at a parade we attended, and he joined in on a couple pinatas at parties, each time he traded it over for his kind of treats. So I told him if we went out he could trick or treat, but he couldn't eat the candy of course, and when we got back to the house he needed to trade me for his kind of treats. He was fine with that, so away we went. Trick or treating for the first time since Atty's seizures started. You can imagine how excited my other two boys were to get to go trick or treating again, and for my little girl it was the first time she has ever gone. :) 

 The rain stopped for a brief moment {just for us, ha ha!} and out into the neighborhood we trooped. Me and my little bugs. They were so polite and got into the swing of things quickly. They were a bit shy at first as it was all so new, but Bubu and Spike set a good example and the other two quickly followed. 

 We only walked a short bit in our neighborhood, but they still ended up with way too much candy! 
I wish more people handed out trinkets {like stickers, tattoos, cute pencils, little toys, bouncy balls, etc...} instead of candy. Or even healthier treats, Atty still probably wouldn't be able to eat them, but it would be nice for the rest of us. I like the part of taking the kids around the neighborhood, talking to the neighbors, and the kids getting to show off their costumes and practice their manners, gain some confidence in a safe way... but all the junk food, it seriously bothers me. 
It's so bad for us people! 
Okay, I'll get of my soapbox now. ;)

 Crazy bugs! Spike did not wet himself... it was just awful soggy outside. :)
We were all glad to get back to the house and change and warm up again. Then the kids settled in with their candy and Atty traded his for his yummy freezer candies. And some pecan stuffed dates.
I jokingly told the kids that the candy fairy was going to come for the rest of their candy that night, and Lala was not happy about that. The girl did not want to hand over her candy for nobody, not even a fairy. ;)

So the night didn't go exactly as I planned. I had all sorts of healthy Atty approved treats lined up. And chomping down on sugary junk was not in the picture... but all told it really was a blast for them, so no regrets. It struck me as funny though that this year my kids were sitting inside eating their collected candy while I was passing out trinkets to door knockers. Ha ha! Why yes we are eating candy, but no you can't have any, here's a trinket for you... Funny stuff. :)
I'm so proud of Atty for how he handles these situations. He could respond in so many different negative ways, but he tries so hard to make the best of it. I can't imagine being a kid and watching all of your siblings opening up these cute little shiny packages of colorful treats of all kinds, hearing them talking about them, and sharing them, and not being able to participate! He knows that I will figure out a way to make it right for him though, so he puts on a brave face and makes it work for the rest of us. Such an unselfish sweet little boy.

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Kat said...

That is so awesome!!! And what a good sport he is too. Just awesome all around. :)

You need to do what I do and throw handfuls of the kids' candy away each night when they are in bed at night. The candy dwindles quickly and they don't even notice! HAHA! I'm mean.