Monday, October 24, 2011

Still our favorite pumpkin patch!

We went to Stoney Ridge Farms again this year and I just love that place! It's clean and crafty and not to expensive. There always lots to do, like looking at the animal, playing on the play equipment, going in the corn maze, picking out apples to eat, and of course finding the perfect pumpkin! Holding his sister's hand, so sweet!

This picture cracks me up, two serious faces and two goofy faces, haha!

Showing me their favorite picture. I love all the art work and crafty ideas here. So much eye candy... ;)

My little pumpkins...

Wow they have grown!

It's amazing how much a kid can grow in a year!!!

The animals are always a favorite with my kids. This pony was so sweet.

Even though we have chickens at home the kids spent a ridiculous amount of time gazing at these cluckers... silly kids.

I have a picture of Lala last year next to this same wagon... and she was sooooo much tinier. Sigh.

Do I really have this many kids? Ryder had to work, so he is sadly missing from our family pumpkin picking photos. :( My hard working man.

Lala got the flower head band for her birthday, I love it on her but the only way she will wear it for any amount of time is if I tell her it's a hat... which doesn't work inside of course. Bummer.

My brother Ben and his family showed up and hung out with us. It worked out perfect because my mom met us there and then when she left they showed up so I didn't end up being on my own with the kids. Which is always less stressful, and a happy mommy makes for a better time for all. :)

The boys had a blast going through the corn maze with their uncle Ben, they love that guy! Lala and her girly cousin had fun too, at a much slower pace.

Spike spotted a perfect pumpkin...

Girls just had to have a wagon ride. These two play so well together, I'm glad Lala has a cousin so close in age and they live near enough that the girls can hang out together often. Lala needs that being the only girl and all.

Bubu was determined to find the biggest and best pumpkin of them all!

Such a funny picture, I love it! Uncle Ben was being quite silly and in doing so managed to get all the kiddos looking his way! Awesome.

Even though I'm super sad that our annual fall pumpkin patch picture is missing a huge part of us I'm still glad we got one. And we had a really great time. Plus we found some great pumpkins, and brought home some of the best apples I have ever tasted!

We will be back next year Stoney Ridge!

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Kat said...

Oh do I love the pumpkin patch and all the pics that go along with it. :) So much fun! And yes, they grow so fast! I juve LOVE the pic of the kids sitting in the yellow chairs. So cute!!!!