Monday, October 24, 2011

Picking pumpkins over the years...

When I was posting the pictures of our pumpkin picking adventure this year I started thinking about pumpkin outings of the past. So we are going to go down a memory trail of the last six years... hold onto your hats!

Even though Bubu was born right before pumpkin season in 2005 I don't think we went to a patch with him, and even if we did it would be in a photo album somewhere and not on the computer, and well that's just to much work... so we are starting in...


This is the pumpkin field we use to go to before we moved, fun but actually sort of expensive as well, didn't really notice it with only one kid though...

Little baby Bubu, back when it was just the three of us.

~2007~Three rapidly expanded into five and by the time the next pumpkin season rolled around we weren't a little family any more!
We went back to Stocker Farms that year, but realized that soon we wouldn't be able to afford it. We never ended up looking for another one around there though because we moved...

My little baby pumpkin, Spike! He had {has} melt your heart big blue eyes!

This picture cracks me up, looks as if they are both working hard on filling those diapers! Or maybe they were just working on their tough guy stares, haha!

The big brother, he has been a great big brother from the very beginning, and he had a crash course in big brother!


Babies getting bigger!

We tried out a new pumpkin field after we moved and it was fun, but expensive...

Actually got J to sit for a picture as well! These were the days when it was five boys in the house... and me. Crazy!

Poor Atty wasn't feeling well on this day... but I still love this first family pumpkin picture, finally one with all of us in it!


Baby girl! Yes there is a baby inside that wrap, it was cold and she was newly born and so I wanted to keep her snugly. :)
Once again the family grows!

This was a yet another "pumpkin patch" we tried out after our move... not a hit with us, it was at a nursery and they just had pumpkins sitting around to pick out, we like the pumpkin field experience ourselves, so we never went back. The search for the perfect {and not to expensive} pumpkin patch continues...


And we found it! Stoney Ridge Farms is the place to go! Love this family picture of us all again.
Amazing how fast the kids grow!

Baby Lala exploring the pumpkin field, so cute!


This year was the first year my hubby couldn't come with us, sadness. I still love this group shot though, really shows how much the kids have grown! Do I really have that many kids!?! How could that be possible I'm still in my early twenties right?

Looking forward to many more pumpkin patch pictures!

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Kat said...

Awww. Makes me teary. How fast time goes.
Beautiful pics!