Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Road trip!

We had an amazingly wonderful trip to eastern Washington. My sister and I went with the kiddos over to a friend's house for the first time ever. We were going to tent camp one night, but at the last minute I found out there were cabins at the campground and I reserved one of those instead... soooooo glad I did. I might be ready to tent camp next year with the kids, but for now it's cabins for us. We went fairly slowly on the way there, making a few stop and having some fun. First major stop {Besides potty breaks, egads going on a road trip with a recently potty trained little girl... yikes. She did a great job though, even if we had to stop Way Too Many Times!} was at the Chelan County Historical Museum in Cashmere. Lala was seriously enthralled with this poor bear. I think she thought it was real at first. She kept wanting to go back and stare at it... There were A Lot of taxidermied animals at this museum... not my favorite thing. But the information and artifacts were very interesting.

Our cabin was adorable, clean and comfortable. Only thing that would have made it better would have been if it had a fridge for our food... but it wasn't that sort of set up. We survived regardless. I brought a camp stove and we made a campfire as well. It was kind of neat to do all the camp stuff on our own... I'll admit I leave all that stuff up to my husband for the most part. :) I had everything well planned out and organized so the whole thing went off with out a hitch. Except for the part where Lala had like 4 accidents in a row after we set up camp... she made the whole drive dry and then just lost it. Lets just put it this way, she pooped at the playground in her underwear while we were way far away from our cabin, I had to bring her back and I got lost and was wandering around with a poopy little girl {I had thrown the nastiness away but she was still a mess} in super hot weather, tired out from all the driving, and at that point I didn't think the trip was very cool any more... thankfully it got better after that.
Such is life with little kids, the unexpected always happens. It's more about building memories for them, and practicing selective memory for myself. ;)

Cute little chaos creator... on her way to the bathroom, thank goodness.

My little trooper.

Crushing nuts with a rock, Bubu thought this was a super cool idea that his Auntie came up with. He thinks his auntie is the smartest person in the world... seriously. I try not to be insulted by that because she is admittedly one super smart lady. When I don't know the answer to something, or I'm just tired of the never ending questions I just say, "ask Auntie Rissa, she'll know". It's kind of fun some of the questions I send her way. :)

Atty finding bird feathers, of course.

This girl was super proud of her big girl swinging... she was even trying to pump, ha ha!

This camp ground had an really big fun play ground for the kids, they loved it!

If you are wondering by now why my daughter was running around in just her undies, it was hot, and she wasn't inclined to wear clothes and I didn't feel like a fight. So there you have it. At least she agreed to the undies, and sun hat...

This tree was a favorite with my little monkeys, right out side our cabin.

The view from our cabin.

The lake at the campground had a really nice swim spot for the kids. I'm thinking next year we are going to try and find a way to bring the hubby and stay for a few days. :)

Love my adorable sister. She took a day off work at the last minute for me just so I wouldn't have to go alone... and she had to work the day we got back, after a 6 hour drive home! I seriously couldn't have dreamed up a better little sister.

Bubu keeping his little brothers safe on the board walk. :) His idea. He's such a caring, loving big brother.

We were at Lincoln Rock State park, can you see Lincoln?

A super sweet lady offered to take a group photo for us, and also told us some really interesting local facts. Then we found out that although she grew up in that area she actually now lives right around where we do, as in minutes away! Small world.

Always have to find rocks to climb!

Love this sweet picture, with her little arm wrapped around her auntie's neck. She knows who to suck up to, considering her auntie will carry her everywhere... Mommy not so much.

The next day we hit the road around noon after a slow relaxed start. We took a few pictures along the way but not very many stops. Even so it seemed to take Forever to get to our destination this time. Dry yellow field and rocky canyons get old after a while...

Finally, reached our friends house, the kids were so excited to see their long lost friend. She use to be a daycare kid before they moved and my kids have missed her badly... We talk about her often, but they had no idea where she had gone to and they were excited to find out. :) Their back yard is of course dry, so there wasn't much grass and lots of awesome dusty dirt... which was super cool in their book. Wow did they get dirty fast! After being cooped up in the van I just let them have at it, and they had a blast!!!

We figured since they were already dirty and in need of a bath, why not make them sticky first too... haha! It was definitely a hot watermelon type day. I'm pretty sure Bubu could eat a whole watermelon on his own if I let him, he has always loved watermelon...

Ummmmmmm, yummy! Then off for some serious bathing. :)

The next day we were treated to a local fair. Lots of fun.

It happened to be my birthday as well and so my sister bought me a really cute tie-dye dress at the fair... I then bought my daughter and my sons some tie-dye as well. So cute.

Aren't they adorable!

We also headed to a local park, and Atty found a rainbow to hug, so funny.

Spike and his friend holding hands on the way home, sweetness.

We stayed two nights there and then woke up at 4 in the morning and hit the road because my sister needed to work and because I wanted the kids to sleep for as long as possible. They did end up sleeping for a few hours and my sister and I had some amazing conversations and got to view a beautiful harvest moon setting. It was really nice, possibly my favorite part of the trip, haha! We took a few pictures on the way back and stopped a couple times for potty breaks and to get breakfast out, but other then that it was straight home. My kids are troopers and really great road trip buddies. The only sad point was not being able to spend my birthday with my honey, but we celebrated when I got back and it just made the birthday fun last that much longer... not that I want to dwell on getting Older for very long.

Now we are full swing into our first week of school... more on that later. :)


Marlea said...

You survived!!! Yay! Looks like a great trip and some good sister bonding time. Love the pic of you and Lala in your tie dye!
Happy Birthday!

Kat said...

Wow! That looks like an amazing trip. I LOVE that little cabin. I wish they had those at all campground. How fun!
So glad you enjoyed your trip! :)