Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taking it to a whole new level.

My babies have always loved playing in the kitchen while I work. I've always had a drawer or two that they can get into. One of them took that literally. He's a very literal boy.(This is baby Bubu, wasn't he a doll!)
None of them has ever done what Strawberry did last night though. She decided to not only pull things out of the drawer...but to pull out the drawer too! She pulled that heavy drawer out all by herself. She is one tough cookie! She's also decided that the 'you can only play in this drawer' rule doesn't apply to her. She gets into EVERYTHING! She especially likes to get her mitts on those breakable bowl you see in the picture, the child lock on the cabinet door is not working right now, much to her wonder and delight.
( This is Strawberry giving me her best 'but I'm super cute' look.)
This girl is one strong determined child. She's got spunk and I love it... Remind me that I said that about a year from now. ;)


MGM said...

There were always lots of moments in the baby stage where I would say, "It's a good thing you're cute!" and I knew in my heart at those moments that this was very intentional by the Creator. :) You have a beautiful baby girl!

Life by the Handful said...

Such great pics! I imagine that you will need a reminder a year from now when you too are writing an Angel vs. Devil post. :) And you're right this too shall pass, I'm sure I will miss it one day...but right now I can't imagine that.

Kat said...

Haha! I love it! She is a strong spunky girl! Just the way she needs to be surrounded by all those boys. ;)