Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Strawberry's first fourth of July!

See my scarf? Yeah it was that cold on the 4th of July here in Washington (Being as I live on the rainy, cold, dripping moss side of Washington).Even though Strawberry had to bundle up and didn't get to wear her super cute but not warm enough outfit (I had bought previously thinking it would be warm out, silly me.) she still looked cute!

Because red is her color...and because she's just plain cute!!
She's starting to crawl by the way, brothers beware!

My boys made a 'man cave' with their friend before the fireworks show.

...and let the show begin. I didn't really get very many great picture of all their cute little faces this year. I thought this one was funny though, look at Strawberries face, she wants her mommy! She was pretty tired by the time the show started despite a late nap. She humor her daddy for a bit and then finished the show on mommy's lap all tucked in with Atty. Spike started to get a little nervous and said he wanted to go home a few times but then he changed his mind and watched, Atty enjoyed the fireworks for the first time ever! He kept calling them pretty flowers. So cute. Bubu just sat quietly in awe like he does every year. Everybody had a great time and we didn't get rained on this year so that's always a plus!
I think we might have been the first ones to leave the party though, departing soon after the last boom...mommy gets a little freaked out with people shooting off all their own fireworks in the dark...not everyone is very safe about it. Four tired children up WAY past their bedtimes is also a recipe for disaster in my book so I always try to quit while I'm ahead...we managed to make it home before any major melt downs...tired happy kids all tuck in bed...so nice.


Brittany said...

Yay what a fabulous day. I wouldn't have minded being able to bundle up durig the fireworks. I love the sun, an e heat, but sometimes, I'd love to be able to wear one of my twenty some scarves I own!

Lori said...

No matter what your sweet little ones have on, they are so flippin adorable. Sounds like you had a good 4th even though it was on the cool side. :)