Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reminding myself

Last night while I was trying to cook dinner...There was an invasion of dinosaurs!

They had a giant battle on my kitchen floor. That was exciting to cook around. I swear my kids come out of no where when it's time for me to make a meal and then they proceed to make themselves comfortable right under my feet. Never fails.

I also got to prep dinner with a baby clinging to my side. This girl is teething, and has a cold...she is not so happy about it. Some times I wonder how I ever get anything done. But I don't wonder what it's like to interact with my children as they have an epic dinosaur battle and I'm not missing out on chattering with and listening to my daughter babble and she sits curled up to my side in her sling all cozy. And yes dinner did take longer, and it could have been really frustrating, but we all really enjoyed each others company and that is what matters the most, if you ask me. I will have plenty of time to cook and clean alone (and have the perfectly kept house) when they are all grown up and have moved away (ack!). I am a mom that has to remind myself of this at times. I get overwhelmed with everything that has to be done. There is always so much to do. The list goes on and on with no end. Some times I just feel like I'm running in mad circles just repeating the same things over and over again. I start to get that 'just get out of my way' feeling. That's when I have to stop and remind myself of what is the most important thing. Yes a clean house is important. Yes the children need clean clothes and food to eat. Yes, yes and yes there are many other things that need to be done, but the most important thing to them is...Me. Just me. They need my time, my attention, my care, my love, my conversation, my patience, me. So if I can't play with them in the play room because dinner won't cook itself, I will let them play at my feet while I make dinner and remind myself that all they want is me. When I think about it that feels good to be so wanted, so loved.
There's so much love I'm tripping over it!


Marlea said...

Excellent reminder of what really matters in this life. And that is life!

Lisa said...

oh man! that is SOOO the kind of post I needed to be read right now. I love it: "so much love I'm tripping over it!" you might see that as my FB status real soon. :)

Megan said...

My mom reminds me of all of this often! What stays with your kids is the memories they have of the time you all spend together NOT whether or not the house was always clean or dinner was made on time every night. I often say that the house was clean before they got here and it will be clean after they're gone but it won't always be clean while they're here!

And yes, the minute your feet hit the kitchen floor the kids know it and come running!

Rebecca said...

Just popping over to thank you for the strawberry tips. I LOVE it because we have PLENTY of eggshells around here we can use. Don't have to head to a store. ;-)

Ps. You are right on about a time for a perfectly clean (and sadly, quiet) house.

PPS. That post of strawberry How can you stand such cuteness day in and day out?

PPPS. Um. That dress from your grandma's closet. Amazing. 'nuff said.

Kat said...

Oh boy. I needed this post. I have to remind myself of this more often. :)
Thank you!

Kat said...

Oh! And I love your new header pic! :)