Saturday, January 9, 2010

I even made it my kids problem...

I have a problem and it's now showing up in all areas of my life.I love my problem...and that's the problem.
I wear my problem for all to see.
I sit on my problem, or rather my kids do, yes I've even made it my kids problem.
People see my problem right when they come into my home.
My Grandma made a problem and then gave it to me.
Lots of people feed my problem.
My problem finds me where ever I go.
Even when I am not looking.
I can't keep it away.
I can't wipe it away.
Even my baby girl wears my problem and is friends with my problem.
How could she not when it comes disguised as cute clothing!
I even let my problem sneak into my bedroom.
I pin my problem on to my shirts (actually I don't, but lots of people seem to think I do and keep giving me these super cute pins)
I read about my problem.
I drink my problem...ur I mean out of my problem.
The toy box is the problem and is full of the problem.
I even drew a picture of the problem years ago. (when I was 16, around when the problem started)
The problem is a little out of hand...
Just thought you should know. ;)
*Sadly this is only a fraction of the problem...I would crash the internet with my problem*


smiles4u said...

Such cute pictures! My daughter loves frogs too and collects them but not as much as you. I will have to tell her to come look at all your frogs. Your little girl is growing so fast. So darn adorable! XX Lori

PS Thank you for your comment on my recent post. I already knew that you have been through similar things. It really helps to know that someone really understands the grief and heart ache of it all. Thank you so much. XX

Brittany said...

My mom beat me to it, I was going to say my sister shares your problem :) Only heres is a little less extreme! I love your problem though! I wish I collected something!!!

Lisa said...

too cute! I'm surprised we don't see your problem all over your blog page as a background!!

MGM said...

How fun! I have a "problem" too! Only mine is moose.

Riahli said...

Lisa,the reason it's not a background on my blog is because until recently I've been trying to deny that I have a problem. I had my collection packed away for a while...but people kept getting me frog stuff anyways and I started getting frog stuff for my kids and then before I knew it there were frogs all over my house again. So a couple weekends ago I gave in and got my old frog collection out and added it in with the new. That's when I had to embrace the fact that I have a serious problem! :) I've tried to get away from them but they follow me I swear!!

mommytoalot said...

I love your problem. All of those pictures made me smile. I only wish I could have such a cute problem.
Our wonderful Mead has a cow problem and we love to feed her problem.
Awesome, cheerful post.
Happy Monday

Marlea said...

i am laughing so hard right now! your problem sure is cute!