Monday, December 1, 2014

Kaleidoscope of life

There is no easy way to catch up, so I give you pictures… :)

Recent bathroom remodel. Bird theme. I'm loving it. 

Atty was super excited as well. :)

I always have sticky notes on the edge of the counter, reminders in my busy life. The other day I noticed a certain little lady added to my sticky notes list. So cute.

Leiella feels that her baby kitty needs a blanket when lounging around on the couch.

In other news, I chopped my hair. It was time. :)

I finally got a new kitchen fan! Also my husband has been working away on my kitchen cabinets for the remodel and as soon as those are done I get my new counter tops!!! Can not wait!

My kids love their slumber parties. This one was a doozy! Sheet off the bed and everything. Which is why they only have slumber parties on the weekends. :) This is cute now, but ten years from now this might not be so cute, long night spent partying is what this looks like, ha ha! ;)

Look who still sleeps with his ducka-ducka. So cute!

Apparently these are Bushtits. Horrible name if you ask me. Especially when your kids keep saying it over and over again. They were really cute though!

These big guys like to gaze out the window at… you guessed it… the birds! This is their favorite spot to sit. :) Thankfully they are not much on catching birds, opting for rodents instead. Thats my kind of cats. :) Might have to do with letting them out at night and keeping them in more during the day. :) See bird lovers and cat lovers can work together.

More slumber party cuteness.

This girl got her first riding lesson, and I took one with her! It was so fun, and I'll admit I got teary eyed getting to share my love of horses with her. She had been asking for a while now and I felt like she was ready. She did so well, and truly loved it! We are going to do at least one riding lesson a month. It's pretty expensive, so can't do much more than that for now. I definitely want to go on a trail ride soon. This place has all sorts of options. I'm super excited about it. :)

Pilgrims night at Awana. Got to dress up as a pilgrim, a native american, or a turkey.  I wanted Leiella to be a pilgrim too, but she wanted to be a turkey. Oh well, she makes a cute turkey too. :)

And of course the day after Thanksgiving we headed to the tree farm. Found the perfect imperfect tree. ;) Didn't realize how wide it was until we got it into the living room, good grief!

Got to get the girly pic, it's required by my daughter. ;)

This is suppose to be a field, not a lake. It's across the street from our house. Good thing they added this dike a couple years ago or our road would be totally flooded! Some serious flooding this year!

This also looks like a beautiful lake, it's not suppose to. Right out side the frame of this picture are houses and the water is dangerously close to them.

It is beautiful though.

It was very cold out. Can you tell? Ha ha, he was warming up his face. :)

Right behind them, under water, is the other dike that we normally walk on to get to our favorite spot at the river. 

Beautiful visitor. We get so many humming birds this time of the year. They get really sassy with each other over the feeder too. The squawk at each other and it's actually really cute. Although probably doesn't seem cute to the hungry humming bird that is chased off. This one let me get super close!

Christmas is now under way. ;)

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Kat said...

Oh my gosh! All that water! It does look like a little lake. That is crazy!
I love your haircut! You got quite a bit chopped off. Looks great!
Bushtit. HA! My kids would have a blast saying that one too. ;)
Looks like all is well and lovely at your house. The tree is GORGEOUS!