Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I'm a horrible blogger! That's old news though. ;)

I finally got a camera! My camera disappeared around the end of July, I have absolutely no idea what happened, it just vanished. It's sad because there were pictures on there from some of our summer fun that I hadn't downloaded yet. Gone forever. Anyways nothing can be done about that now, so best not to dwell. 
Well the wonderful family that I work with, I watch both of their boys now (The baby started in August, and totally helped with my baby fever! Which is nonexistent now, thank goodness.) they surprised me with an early Christmas present… a beautiful camera! They are just the sweetest, always making me feel appreciated. I feel so blessed to have their boys as my bonus children. :) Although the days are full and crazy! I've never worked with a family as amazing as theirs. Which is why I'm still doing it, even though having a full house and homeschooling is challenging to say the least.

So all that to say I was able to take pictures this Halloween, of my not so little littles. ;) So glad I didn't have to go into the holiday season without a camera!
This year Leiella was a fairy princess, Atticus was a crow again, Banden was a troll again, and Ira was a ninja. I looked at the pictures from last year and I can't believe how much they have grown. It never ceases to amaze me. 

A beautiful fairy princess with her rock star dog. We dressed the poodles up too in cute little shirts. Charlotte's said, "Rock Star" and Rosemary's said, "Princess". Very fitting. :)

We decided not to go trick or treating this year. It was rainy and my kids don't keep the candy anyways. So we had a little harvest party with some friends and then went over to some other friends house for a fun get-together that night.

I made some yummy grain free cupcakes, they were a big hit. :)

This picture cracks me up, Charlotte could totally hop this part of the fence, but she knows she's not suppose to. So she stands there and stares longingly in. 

My kids had a lot of fun at their friends house but were more disappointed than I expected that they didn't have any candy for the Great Pumpkin. They saw a bowl full of candy at the house and guilted me into grabbing a handful to leave out, because the Great Pumpkin might be sad and hungry if he comes all the way to our house and there is nothing there! Ha ha! Anyways little did they know I had a chocolate bar for each of them, as a surprise, waiting for them in the car when we left. I think they might have assumed that they weren't getting any treats at all, and the Great Pumpkin wasn't coming either, so they were starting to feel a little disappointed. The knowledge of the handful of candy for him and the chocolate surprise really raised their spirits. :) I was able to find a chocolate bar that Banden could have, despite his many food sensitivities. And Atty got his raw chocolate treats. So it was chocolate all around! That hasn't happened in a while. I was shocked to find how hard it is to find chocolate without soy or dairy in it! Finally found one, just in time for the holidays. :)
We ended the night with some silly pictures.

You can't tell in the pictures but I was a bumble bee, again. :)
I like to dress up with the kids, but I'm not the most creative. I usually stick with tried and true. With basically everything in life, ha ha!
Oh and the Great Pumpkin did not disappoint. ;) (Thank goodness I had already bought some Christmas presents, or I would have been in a pickle.)

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Kat said...

Aww. They ARE getting so big. Man!
I love a good Halloween party. It is just as fun as trick or treating. Probably more. Especially when it is raining during trick or treat. ;)
You are such a good mama. I love that you found the chocolate bar in time so that you could surprise all the kids. So fun. :)