Saturday, September 20, 2014

The grand switch-a-roo!

Silly, silly kids.
This all started with Leiella dressing up her friend (not pictured) in her clothes, a dress, and putting on his clothes. They thought it was hilarious! So of course the boys needed to get in on the fun. And that of course led to a dance party. Logically. ;)

In the group pictures I told them to do their best interpretation of a girl or boy. This is the only picture I could post because apparently Leiella thinks that boys grab their crotch a lot. I just about died! Banden cracks me up in this picture, well they all do really. Such hams!

There were a lot of giggles involved. 

We went to the park after and Leiella insisted on continuing to dress, "like a boy". Her brothers found some of their clothes to share with her. At least the boys didn't insist on going to the park dressed like girls. I have a feel the one is much more acceptable than the other. :/
Thankfully we are back to three boys and a girl around here now, there is no way I'd survive three girls! ;)

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Kat said...

Honestly? Layla was right. My boys do grab their crotches a lot. What is up with that? Silly boys. ;)
It's always fun to play dress up. Looks like they all had a blast.