Saturday, September 20, 2014

A catch up birthday post.

I was going to blog about September birthdays, mainly Banden but than I realized I never blogged about Ira's birthday in June! I get an F in the bloggy world. ;) In the real world they were celebrated in style.
So here's the forgotten birthday boy turning seven. :) It was such a relief to him to finally be seven like Atty. He does not like those four months of "being younger". ;)

And here is the other more recent birthday boy turning nine!!! Nine! He got to go to the science center in Seattle with his Neenee as a birthday present. First big trip without his mommy. I did okay until they didn't get home by dark. Bus issues in Seattle made them run late. I felt such a rush of relief when he was back in my arms. I'm a bit clingy. ;) He had such a blast. He's very into all things science related, and right now he's sure he wants to be an archeologist. And a farmer. And a dad. And he wants to adopt at least 10 kids. He's still mulling over being a missionary as well. :) He's adorable.

Birthday date! For our birthdays we decided to go shopping together and go out to eat. The kids slept over at their friends house which was nice. :) 

When we got home there was a BIG surprise waiting for me! 

A kayak!

That got the tears flowing...

Apparently I had unknowingly messed up his plan to get it to the house by my birthday to surprise me. So on my birthday he didn't even have a card for me. But he did make me dinner and I just figured he took me very seriously about just going shopping together. We had a wonderful time shopping together, than ate at a great restaurant and than he still wanted to do some more shopping, which I did think was a little weird. Well still unknown to me, the person bring over the kayak while we were gone was having some trouble getting it there. My husband was just trying to buy some time. Anyways when we got home I walked in and notice something red in the playroom and when it sunk it I was so touched by his thoughtfulness! I had been telling him lately that my friend, who now lives right by a lake, had purchased two inflatable kayaks and wanted me to go out with her. I had been going on and on about it, reminiscing about the time I went out on a lake in Idaho in a kayak and enjoyed it so much. It's so peaceful. And over the years I've mentioned wanting one someday. Well todays the day. I now own a kayak! Now to figure out how to get me time so I can actually use it. ;)

Also I wanted to take back everything I had bought. Yikes! But Ryder insisted I keep it all. I never would have went shopping if I'd know what he was up to! It's really hard for me to spend money on myself, which is why Ryder always gets me the big stuff, he knows I'll never do it myself. 

Oh and don't look too closely at the playroom, I know it's a mess. It was a Friday, the end of a very long week and I wasn't about to do any more straightening up. I choose to enjoy my kid free time with my husband instead. It's weird (in a good way) to celebrate birthdays, as you get older, with a man you met when you were a teenager. We have been together longer than we've been apart. That's something to think about.

We also celebrated all the September birthdays by going to the Kangaroo farm with my mom.

She's a September baby too. :)
It was a lot of fun.
Just might have to do a separate blog post about that.

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Kat said...

Wow! Lots of September birthdays! How fun!
And your hubby is just the sweetest. That is so awesome! What a fantastic surprise.
Also? Are you kidding me? That playroom does NOT look messy. If that was my kids' playroom when it was "messy" I would be thrilled!
Happy belated birthday!