Wednesday, August 13, 2014

camping menus!

Okay here goes. Planning menus for a nine day camping trip, with all of our food restrictions was daunting. But I figured it out and I was really thankful I took the time to plan it all out so carefully. And food prep. Lots of food prep. I even figured out when we would need to stop and refuel food wise, and where to stop at. Fred Meyer of course, because I know they will have what I need. :) Some of the items on the menus only worked for certain people, and I just made changes as needed. For example, lettuce wraps instead of bread, and other grain free options. I had a back up plan for everything. ;)

Big batch of homemade grain free granola for breakfast cereal. :)

Day one:
Breakfast- Muffins (almond flour, made ahead of time) fruit
Lunch- sandwiches (lunchmeat) veggies, fruit
Dinner- hotdogs, potato salad (made ahead of time) watermelon, sparkling juice
It was the 4th of July, so we had to do it up big. ;)

All of the kids had their own refillable water bottles for the car.

All packed up for the trip. :)

Day two:
Breakfast- homemade granola with almond milk and freeze dried strawberries on top, bananas
Lunch- Boiled eggs (made ahead of time) crackers, cheese, veggies, fruit, olives
Dinner- Homemade chili (made a big batch ahead of time and froze half of it for later), toast

Day three:
Breakfast- Scrambled eggs and potatoes with toast and fruit
Lunch- Left over chili, corn chips or rice crackers, carrot sticks
Dinner- Hamburgers, melon, potato chips

Day four:
Breakfast- Homemade granola with almond milk, bananas
Lunch- Egg salad sandwiches (boiled eggs ahead of time), veggies, chips
Dinner- Baked potatoes, crumbled bacon, cheese, chives, sausage

Day five:
Breakfast- Oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon/honey (scrambled eggs for Atty and I), apple slices
Lunch- Almond butter and honey sandwiches, fruit, veggies (meat sandwiches for Ryder and I)
Dinner- Hamburgers with grilled pineapple and toppings, sautéed broccoli

Day six:
Breakfast- Scrambled eggs, toast, oranges
Lunch- Tuna sandwiches, chips, veggies
Dinner- Hotdogs, beans, carrot sticks

Roasted carrots, yum! Not on the menu, total Atty improv.

Our favorite treat. We didn't have a treat every night, but I did plan on a few spread out over the length of the trip.

Day seven:
Breakfast- Breakfast burritos- tortillas (spelt and rice), scrambled eggs, turkey sausage pieces, veggies, cheese
Lunch- Rice (pre-made and frozen to last), frozen peas, and shrimp dish, oranges
Dinner- Taco salad (cook extra ground beef for tomorrows lunch) lettuce mix, avocado, tomato, green pepper, cheese, corn chips, beef

We bought this on one of our stops, so yummy!

Day eight:
Breakfast- Homemade granola, fruit, almond milk
Lunch- Bean/meat burritos, corn chips, salsa
Dinner- Bacon wrapped chicken with pineapple and apple pieces on skewers, coleslaw

Our favorite dinner.

Day nine, our last day:
Breakfast- Big turkey sausages, panfried eggs, toast and fruit
Lunch- Meat sandwiches, chips, veggies, fruit

So there you have it. There were little adaptions along the way, but for the most part I followed the menus to a T and everything went as planned. :) That's always nice. I also packed extra snacks for in the car, and gum which is a special treat. We also stopped on the hottest day for some coconut ice-cream bars. It was a must. We did not eat out even once, and hardly made any unscheduled food stops. I did buy a tapioca/rice bread for Atty to try, because it just made things easier. He has been eating some more rice produce with success, very plain ones. But the bread was a bad idea. Too many other ingredients. He ended up having two potty accidents and his attitude went down hill. First signs for us that something is wrong. Thankfully we didn't get to the eczema flare up stage. About half way in it became glaringly obvious the bread was a no go. So much to Atty's disappointment the bread had to go. We probably ate way too many chips with our meals, but we were on vacation after all. ;)

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Kat said...

WOW! That is quite the undertaking. I'm impressed! And yes, that bacon wrapped chicken looks DELICIOUS!
You are seriously amazing! I hope your family appreciated all your effort!