Wednesday, March 20, 2013 just might find, you get what you need!

If you had been a fly on the wall last night you would have seen Ryder and I dancing with wild abandonment around the kitchen table. Singing "you can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, but it you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need!" While the children giggled and ate their dinner. :) We are silly like that. It all started because my daughter wanted to throw a fit about getting a green bowl instead of a blue bowl. And it ended with laughter. So win/win. Often {too often} it ends with me yelling {especially at the end of the day when I'm tired and feel oh so done},  impulsively choosing to burst into song is not the norm, it was so refreshing and it made everyone feel silly and happy.

In other news, we got some more chicks!

I found homes for my Ameraucana chickens, they weren't heavy enough layers for this little backyard farm, and they were NOISY!  Honestly they went to better homes then they had here, out on farms with two different really sweet ladies, so they lucked out. :) So now we have 4 Buff Orpingtons, and 4 Golden Stars. When they are big enough we will add them in with our four Black Stars. And hopefully all will go well and they will get along. I think since my existing flock is smaller then the one I'm adding it should work out well. Hopefully with 12 chickens I'll end up with around 10 eggs a day for a while, and then I can keep up with my kids. It is insane how many eggs we go through around here!  Since Atty is coming up on three years on his magic diet {Three Years!} we got the chicks as a special surprise. Every year since he's been on the diet we have celebrated as a family all the hard work it takes to do this diet. This year instead of adding yet another pet we decided to get cute fuzzy chicks, which my kids get just as excited about. They love their chickens. Especially Atty.

Now for their names; Rose Blossom, Buzzella, Rose, Sunshine, Twetter, Love, Princess, and Strawberry Shortcake. Each kid named two. :) Now we are adding them in with Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moe. What a flock!

And on that note, this random blog post ends. :)

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Kat said...

Oh, I love nights like those. When I am actually the parent that I WANT to be. YEAH!
And those chicks are SO CUTE!!!!