Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Images of summer...

Busy summer days.

 Games that test my ability to be a laid back mother of three boys...

 This game involved climbing on top of toys to get to a branch being held down by a brother, then said brother would let go of branch so that the other brother would fly up into the air, or he would shake the branch so that the brother would wildly shake up and down clinging on for dear life.
Fantastic game... apparently.

 Bubu and Spike {my two little dare devels} played this game for days. Atty, being the saner one, used a pass on this one. :)

 Up, up, up, into the air!

 This girl LOVES to pretend she can read, and the stories she tells, fascinating!

This boy finally learned how to pump himself on the swing! Once he realized that he had indeed figured it out he spend hours {I am not exaggerating, hours!} out on the swing for days on end. He uses his arms only to pull the chains and doesn't pump his legs. He just couldn't figure out doing them both at the same time so I showed him how I could swing using my arms only and he was able to understand that better. He was so proud of himself, absolutely adorable!

 Now he can swing with his brother. :)

 Banden is once again trying to learn how to ride with out training wheels...
He's just not very motivated to figure it out, and he is such a perfectionist that it often frustrates him to tears when he can't figure something out the first time. He has been trying to have a positive attitude about it this time around though, so I'm proud of him.
I wish we had a better place for them to ride, they have to stay on the side walk, it's so crowded, and with all the drive way dips it's no easy task learning to ride with out training wheels or with them for that matter.

 This boy likes to ride fast! When he gets those training wheels off it's going to be breath taking...
He's so competitive I think that once Bubu masters the bike it will be the motivation that Spike needs, he will be training wheel free very soon. :) I better get mentally prepared for that, ha ha!

 I noticed that Bubu did a lot better with Ryder showing him how, he became much more determined. When I help he tends to fuss more... momma drama I guess. Fine with me, it kills my back running back and forth trying to steady that bike! I'd much rather be the picture taker. :)

 We have been eating more and more grain free recipes. This one was home made falafel patties {so stinkin' good!} with a yogurt based sauce, feta, red onion, tomato, and guacamole, wrapped in a lettuce leaf.  We all ate an insane amount. Way too good! 

 A sad spot in our summer is that our beloved cat Max disappeared last week. We have tried everything to locate him, calling all the vets in our area, the humane society, the police department/animal control, placing an ad in the lost and found on Craigslist and our local paper, putting up signs, walking the neighborhood, ever single suggestion we have received we have tried, with no luck. He has simply vanished. We miss him terribly. :( One of the best cats we have ever had.
And so beautiful.

 We got all fancy and went to a wedding. Yes this is about as fancy as we get. ;)
This is probably the most dressed up Ryder and I have been since our own wedding so I just had to get a picture.

 Love my girl! The other night before bed she grabbed my face, stared into my eyes and  told me that she loved me bigger then the whole world, sigh. Love, love, love. :)

 My only child that looks like me. :) We are the only two with out blue eyes and blond hair, ha ha! Doesn't he have the most adorable smile...

 Hanging out after the wedding, my daughter went on a bug hunt, white dress and all. :)

 We went crabbing for the first time. That was interesting. 
I can say that the boys had a blast. And Lala had a lot of fun hanging out with her cousin. 
I on the other hand got an awful sunburn and I don't eat crab, so we will just leave it at that... ;)

 Bathing beauties.

 Their uncle B is the best. He always has great ideas, my kids adore him.

Nothing much better then floating in the water on a hand made raft. ;)

Our summer is almost over, although we do have an up coming trip to Montana to look forward to. After that it's back to school, colder days are around the bend. Not that we had a hot summer or anything, it was pretty pathetic really. Maybe we will get a nice warm and dry fall, that is my favorite. :)

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Well that looks like an awesome summer! Great photos! :)