Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tinker bell magic

My little girl is finally completely potty trained... no more diapers at night time. She ended being an unexpected challenge on this one. Bubu and Spike were completely potty trained day and night by two years old, so I sort of expected the same of Lala. She was using the toilet during the day by about the same age as them so I just assumed. Right around when she turned two I took the night time diapers away, put a mattress protecter under her and thought easy-peasy. At first it seemed as things would go the way I planned, but then she just started peeing her bed almost every single night and getting it on her pillows and blankets and I was doing an {even more} insane amount of laundry. So for my sanity I gave up and put her back in diapers. I'll admit I felt really frustrated about it, but after weeks of trying to hang in there I was getting nasty about the accidents, and that is never productive. We stopped talking about it for the most part, every once and a while I would tell her that when she started keeping her diapers dry at night she could go with out diapers again. She just smiled at me and didn't seem to have a care in the world, the night time diapers didn't bother her a bit it seemed. I did notice thought that they started staying dry a tad more often, but it was so random. One night she started talking about some Tinker bell panties that a friend of hers had and all the sudden I had an inspiration. I told her that if she kept her diapers dry every night for a little while I would buy her Tinker bell underwear and she could wear those instead of diapers. She was over the moon excited. I never had to bribe my boys like that, and I hate to bribe, but the girl desperately need of a goal. :) Do you know that she completely stopped wetting her diaper. Completely. Done just like that. So after a few days of dry diapers I went and bought her a big pack of Tinker bell panties. 

She was still awake when I got home from shopping so I went in and laid down on her bed and showed her what I got. I pulled out every single one and she ohhh and ahhh over them. I told her to keep her diaper dry again and the next night she would be able to wear them. She was so excited that she slept with them wrapped up in her arms. The next morning she still had them clutched in her hands  when she woke up... she actually walked out in to the playroom and dumped them in my lap. And proudly let me know that she was indeed dry. :) So cute. As promise that night she picked out her favorite pair of Tinker bell undies and wore them to bed. I'll admit I half expected her to have an accident. But she didn't and hasn't ever since, it's been over a week now and not a single accident.

All it took was some magical Tinker bell underwear. 

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Kat said...

That is AWESOME!!! And by the way, that isn't bribing. That is REWARDING. There is a HUGE difference. "I'll give you candy if you stop screaming" is a bribe. "If you can show mommy you are a big girl and keep your pullups dry for a week we'll get you special underwear" is a REWARD! Yeah for rewards! They work! :)
And yeah for Tinkerbell undies! We LOVE fairies here. :)