Friday, May 4, 2012

Adventure to Orcas Island :)

We went on an adventure out to Orcas Island! Hour long ferry ride,  the kids thought this was amazing! And very windy on the front deck, ha ha!

Sight seeing. :)
The kids were in awe, it was super cute.
Beautiful views!

Boys and trees go hand in hand. :)

Everyone needed to take a turn. :) I love his little face.
Got up there all on his own, and proud of it! 


Trying to get a family pic, with a family that just wants to make funny faces. :)

They are the silliest...
Trying to catch a bunny, this kept them entertained for some time!
So close!!! :)
He so badly wanted to keep this baby crab...
Went on a hike on the island to our picnic spot, it was beautiful.  There were campgrounds there, and I definitely want to go back and camp sometime soon!
Super late lunch, wow were we hungry! Nothing better then yummy food after a hike. :)




Saying goodbye on the ferry ride back. Wonderful but also super long day.  Well worth it.  We haven't gone out to the islands often because the ferry is expensive, but I think we will be doing more adventures to all the awesome islands we have around here, because it's well worth it!

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Kat said...

That looks like so much fun! The hubby and I often talk about taking our kids on the ferry to go across Lake Michigan. Looks like it is a hit with kids! :)

LOVED your comment on my post today. Thanks for your input. And for what it's worth, I agree! :)