Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommies day

Happy Mother's day! I had a wonderful Mother's day weekend and I just had to share. :) We went camping, and it ended up being a gorgeous weekend, and so much fun. I feel like one very blessed mommy, four times over. :)

They've all turned goofy, ha ha! As much as I begged and pleaded for the "perfect everybody smiling" picture it just wasn't happening. Rarely does these days.  Who needs those anyways right, these sorts of picture are a whole lot more fun. :)

Perfect picture for a Mother's day weekend, a mommy and her four sweet little babies.

We borrowed a pop up trailer, snuggly!

So cozy, I got to snuggle with this cute little ladybug. :)

This little guy got to roast {GAPS approved} marshmallows for the first time in over two years! Well worth the hassle of making them to see the sweet smile on his face.

Although I think he was more excited about roasting them then eating them. :)

We spotted a lot of these red headed woodpeckers, Atty and I were pretty excited about that!

A beautiful lake to play in on a sunny day.

Sun kissed beauty. :)

My mom set up the table for a Mothers day tea/breakfast. Nothing better then drinking tea from fancy tea cups in the woods. 

Happy Mother's day to my mommy.

This boy played with this bow and arrow set the whole time. Rubber tipped arrows, so don't be alarmed. ;) I'm thinking there is one of these in the future for this kid. There is a birthday around the corner after all. :)

And of course you have to bring a costume when camping... Lady Bug Girl to the rescue!!! If you have a little girl you must read to her the Lady Bug Girl books, they are so sweet, it's a favorite of Lala's. She ran around the forest saving bugs. :)

Love my little monkeys.

Pouty face cuteness. I pretty much think everything this girl does is cute, it might be a problem...
So there you have it, a perfect for me Mother's day weekend spent with family. I even got surprise red roses in the morning with a special card. I'm a lucky mommy. :) And the best part, the kids were sweet perfect little dolls all day long. Doesn't get much better then that.

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Kat said...

That sounds PERFECT! You are living the life, you know that? Blessed! :)