Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day adventure!

What a wonderful day! We went on an amazing hike on Mother's Day. We walked along a bluff over looking the bay and then down to the beach. Then we followed the beach back. Not a drop of rain, which was a real treat considering we went hiking even though there was a threat of rain coming. Instead of rain we got some perfect hiking weather. My sister and mom came with us which was perfect because there was one adult for every kid, and considering the drop offs along the side of the bluff section of the trail I think I would have had a panic attack if there wasn't a hand for every child. The trail was to skinny for more then a pair of people to walk on, even pairing up was hard. But it didn't take the fun out of it. We saw so many cool birds, the air was fresh and sweet and the combination of sun and breeze felt so good.The walk started off on a steep up hill climb. The boys just trekked right up. Little troopers!
Love these wonderful boys of mine. Atty did really well on this hike, I was impressed. Last year he had to take quite a few breaks in the stroller on a hike that we went on... this year he hiked right along side his brothers, which was super impressive considering the hike was almost 4 miles {my husband swears it was more like 6, but my book listed it as closer to 4...} and the elevation high point was 250 feet! That's no small feat for a boy who was seizing non-stop a little over a year ago!!!

Love these tough old trees.

Looking way, way, way down... and back to see how far we had come.

Yikes, hold on tight to your children! The boys thought it was super cool. The views were amazing! My camera just couldn't do them justice.

We saw so many cool birds, we are definitely a bird watching family now. {Thank you Atticus!} We brought along a laminated field guide on local birds and we spotted quite a few different types. My sister taught us a bird call for the red winged black bird that sounds like "pumpkin eater, pumpkin eater", the boys loved this, especially when they heard that very bird and it did sound remarkable similar! This giant of a bird pictured above made the bald eagle flying near by look miniature. We were in awe! This bird wasn't on our list, but my husband guessed it as a golden eagle? I have no idea...

Everyone has a buddy... This is about the spot on the trail where my husband started doubting that it was a loop trail and though perhaps I was taking us on a wild goose chase and started suggesting we might want to turn around. But it was Mother's Day so he let me have my fun, and sure enough eventually the trail wound back down to the water {I myself was starting to doubt, but didn't say a word of course...}

Stopping for a break and to take in the view. My strong sister carried baby girl on her back for the whole bluff walk! I would not have survived that I do believe, definitely not a strong as I use to be...

Once we got to the beach we had a picnic packed by my husband. Best sandwich I have ever had! Then we went beach combing. I love finding unique rocks for my outdoor rock collection. My favorite is hard shaped rocks, I have quite a few. On this walk I found some really nice green and bright round white rocks. Lala loved the sand, and this was the first time she was at the ocean, she was in awe.

Bubu was so excited to find this heart shape for me, he was bubbling over with his excitement when he gave it to me, so sweet!

My little beach explorers.

I love this picture of my husband and Lala. Sharing in her joy of the powerful sea. She held her daddy's hand as she watched the waves rolling up the beach towards her. Her brothers had fun chasing waves. {Until Ira fell and got all wet... then he had to wear mismatched clothes for the rest of the trip, at least I had some or he would have been one cold sad little boy.}

Hearts in the sand just for me... Love.

{Bubu's little hearts are so adorable!}

One happy Mommy, one great team. One wonderful day of many! I'm a lucky lady.

{Don't laugh to hard at my sporty head band... my ears get so cold with any sort of wind and then I get an ear ache. I don't mess around with that, style goes right out the window when it comes to pain.}

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Kat said...

Now that sounds like perfection! What a great day!
And I was just going to tell you how fabulous you look! I happen to like the headband. :)
Happy Mother's Day!