Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chasing Chickens

So I've been trying not to swam this blog with chicken pictures... but we sure do love our chickens! :) Especially this girl. She loves them so much she just has to squeeze one! She is determined to get her hands on one. And since they are bigger and faster now I have let her loose on them. They don't like it very much, but it sure is funny to watch...

We let them out in the yard occasionally on the weekend before we mow and she follows them around the whole time. She says "Here Chicks, here chicks" over and over again, it's super cute. They don't listen though, they may be dumb, but there not that dumb. When I say it on the other hand they come running... because that means food and these girls love to eat!

Lala will even try to trick them into coming to her by grabbing handfuls of grass for them. The few times that one of them has come close enough to nibble a piece she will say "Bite" with a big smile on her face. But then she tries to grab it and the chase is on. Our girls {the chickens} have a tendency to nibble fingers, because we are always feeding them by hand. The only problem being that they can peck kinda hard now and when they actually get your fingers, well it hurts a bit... doesn't stop the boys from feeding them worms, slugs and bug though! The boys think that is the coolest part. :)

Chasing chickens could keep this girl entertained for hours I do believe.

The chicken seem to think it's worth it for a moment of relative freedom and a chance to scratch in some grass for yummy treats.

Not that they don't have an awesome chicken coop... cause this thing is super cool. My hubby did a great job as usually and our girls are happy! It's been fun working on it with him. Chickens for us is a bit of a hobby and we are treating them more as pets, so they are a tad spoiled and we have spent more money on them then we probably should have. But the kids have no other pets right now and we have all been enjoying them so much {Atty and Lala in particular}. We sanded the inside this weekend to make it easier to clean and keep the stink down. I also planted hops on the outside to grow up and over the chicken coop. I will be hanging some good smelling herbs from containers off the top of the coop {on the sidewalk side where the boards hang over}, hopefully. That's the plan anyways. I've also talked my husband into more of a reddish color for the chicken house {as I'm not very keen on the dark brown almost black that he painted it}. We are also going to be adding a window soon. I never thought I'd like having chickens so much. Now wait tell summer {when the pen gets a bit more stinky} and I might change my mind!


Kat said...

That is just the coolest!!! I want chickens!
When do they start laying some eggs and paying for room and board? ;)

Riahli said...

Not soon enough! Ha ha... they should be laying towards the end of summer. :) They really are sort of fun, in a messy way. I'm not much for the indoor pets anymore so animals that do well outdoors is my focus. ;) The kids like them so much that they are pets for them. We might get a rabbit next year, the kids really want one and they are a bit more pet like then chickens. We are going for urban mini-farm around here.