Friday, September 24, 2010

The things kids say...

There are some private body parts mentioned in this post although as nicely as possible, so if your uncomfortable with that don't read this post.

So flash back to a week or so ago and I was looking at pictures of Lala's birth and infancy. Oh so tiny, don't know how the time flew by so fast! I'll admit I shed a tear or two. The boys saw me sniffling and of course wondered what their old mother was get all emotional about I showed them the pictures, for the first time, of the birth. Pictures. of. the. birth. Lots of questions followed that I answered simply and honestly. Actually felt pretty good about it afterwards, I didn't squirm to much, told them a bit {barely} about the birds and the bees and where babies come from, etc, etc...With their curiosity satisfied and my desperate want to not have to repeat that conversation any time soon I put the pictures away and forgot about it.

Flash forward, sitting in the living room with one of the daycare moms. Atty is looking at a photo flip book I have in there and we come across one of a little tiny Lala and I mention that it was taken soon after she was born. Unwittingly I have set the stage and Bubu pipes up "Mom baby sister came out of your bagina right?" seemingly out of the blue. Awkward silence for a moment, then of course I start giggling and stuttering because I do, that's what I'm good at in awkward moments...that and my face turning bright red...which it did. Ahhhh kids, they always know what to say and pick the best times to say it. At least he didn't say what he asked me the first time around, is baby sister coming out of your butt? Which is what started the whole talk in the first place.


mommytoalot said...

LOL..out of the mouthes of babes..
cute story

Lori said...

Too also laugh when I am these kinds of could you not. :)

Kat said...

Haha! I love that.
My boys love talking about that kind of stuff. Everytime I change Grace's diaper they let me know that she (and I) have a vagina and they have a penis. Yep.
But I have had to let them know that while they can always talk about that with me and daddy that it is sometimes considered rude to talk about that around other people. ;) hehe